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Brian Mcknight Oh Lord Lyrics

Last updated: 01/25/2010 10:00:00 AM

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Can you hear me
I'm calling your name oh Lord
I can't go on this way
Will I make it another day

Oh Lord, was I made just to beg and crawl
Who will catch me whenever I fall
Does it really matter at all
I've been waiting here for you
To answer my call

Can you see me
I'm down on my knees oh Lord
I'm lost and I'm so all alone
Does your world have a heart of stone

Oh Lord, was i destined to be what I've been
Never a thick and a barely a thin
Where do I fit in
I've been waiting her for you to answer my call

You say it won't be long
But I got to keep holding on
To this world just so cold
So cold, so cold, so cold
Oh Lord, am I destined to be what I've been

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