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Hellogoodbye Oh Karissa How I Miss Ya Lyrics

Last updated: 04/02/2009 11:00:00 AM

Oh Karissa
how I miss ya'
Won't you say you miss me to?

I burn a CD through which I am pleading
That you and I might hang out soon

Oh, I don't mean a date or anything serious
I just think that we'd be good friends

So if you're not busy,
I'm just a bit curious
if we could hang out this weekend.

Thanks to Carisa Robertson for submitting Oh Karissa How I Miss Ya Lyrics.

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get over it | Reviewer: x_myhart | 4/1/09

its a great song, but your groupie like tendancy to swarm over something with your name sickens me and its completley ruining the song.

get over the fact it has your name, google your damn name or create a karissa chatboard and leave real reviews for sites.

Great! | Reviewer: Karissa | 1/31/09

Never have I seen so many Karissa's. :]
It's funny, my boyfriend broke up with me wednesday, but wants to hang out and shit.
And the fact that my name is in the song, it just reminds me of it even more. :]

WOW | Reviewer: Karissa (Kasa) | 1/26/09

I love it. Never knew about this song but agreed with others, I get people telling me that stuff all the time. I'm very proud of my name, I can't ever say I wish to change my name when people ask me what i would change it to

awesomeee :) | Reviewer: karissa | 1/4/09

hahaha suhweet! finally sum credit for an awesome, unique name! i love it! so weird hearing my name in a song, but it fckn kicks ass! shiiit. ..look at all the karissa's...LETS TAKE OVER THE WORLD! LOL ;)

OMG ThIs Is AmAzInG!!!! | Reviewer: Karissa | 9/29/08

It's crazy that they even spelled it the same way as we do. I've met two other people with the same name but they don't spell it the same. The song is so cute. I've always wanted a song with my name in it.

hehe! awe! | Reviewer: Karissa =) | 6/27/08

i searched for so long to find a song with my name in it! its so nice to have a song with your name in it, and its so cute!!!!
I LOVE ALL KARISSA'S!! your all beautiful! :)
and your name is fantastic! :P
but.. this is the only song i could find! and its so short! i want more!

What a coincidence...? | Reviewer: Karissa | 2/26/08

haha well like all of you I also am a Karissa..and all I have to say is it's about time! I laughed the first time I heard it. It was so weird to hear my name in a song other than one being made up to make fun of me in elementary school or something lol Sweet!

[No Title, Thank You] | Reviewer: Karissa | 1/22/08

Wow! Is everyone who reviewed this song named Karissa? Yeah, that's my name too, but still!!!
I think it's really cool because Karissa is a made-up name and Hello Goodbye spelled it exactly the same way as mine is spelled.

KARISSA!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

okay well my name is karissa and i was like dying to find a song with my name in it cause it is not a popular name at all and all my friends were finding songs with theirs in it and even though its 40secs. long its like the best song ever!! i love HELLOGOODBYE!!

cute song..nice name | Reviewer: karissa | 10/8/07

i love this song... :) and karissa is my name too! how cool! our names may not be popular or whatever but that makes us unique... all karissa's in the world are cute! lmao! :)