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Barry Manilow Oh! Julie Lyrics

Last updated: 05/20/2008 12:00:00 PM

*Oh Julie, if you love me truly
Do you want me, Julie
To be, to be your very own

Julie, love me only
Julie, don't be lonely
'Cause I want you only
To be, tobe mu very own

**Baby, don't leave me
Honey, don't grieve me
Julie, why leave me alone
Stay with me, baby
Lay with me, maybe
Honey, don't leave me alone
Julie, never leave me
Please don't deceive me
Julie, oh believe me
And be, and be my very own

(* Repeat)

(** Repeat)

To be, to be, to be
To be, your very own
To be, to be to be
To be your very own
Thanks to Takashi Yamaguchi for submitting Oh! Julie Lyrics.