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Marvin Gaye Oh How I'd Miss You Lyrics

Last updated: 06/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

[TT:] My lovin' heart would shake
More than the earth could break
If you should ever go
You know my heart would break
[MG:] If I lost your sweet embrace
Even time could not erase
The memories of you
Tears would cover up my face

[BOTH:] Oh how I'd miss you, baby
[MG:] I need you so
[BOTH:] Oh how I'd miss you
[TT:] Baby never go
[MG:] I'll never leave

[TT:] My world would cease to be
Without the love you give to me
The chains around my heart
Would never set me free
[MG:] When my life had just begun
My sky didn't have a sun
You fill my every need
So if you ever leave


[Backing, x2]
(Oh how I'd miss you, baby baby)

[MG:] Oh you're always on my mind
Losin' you would leave me blind
Fill my heart forevermore
Never leave my love behind
[TT:] With the joy your love can bring
To you I'll always cling
If you took away your love
It would be the end of things, &...

[BOTH:] Oh how I'd miss you
[MG:] Oh baby
[BOTH:] Oh how I'd miss you
[TT:] Marvin, I need you so
[BOTH:] Oh how I'd miss you

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