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Vocal/Guitar --- Dexter (Bryan Holland)
Drums --- Ron (Ron Welty)(Left the band in 2003) Atom
Willard (Atom Willard (Joined the band in 2003)
Guitar --- Noodles (Kevin Wasserman)
Bass --- Greg K (Greg Kriesel)

By 1984, when what would have become the Offspring formed,
the original Orange County punk scene had fractured. We
used to go this dance club called Circle City, and there'd
be 10 different cliques, " says Kriesel."In our high school
there was a rockabilly scene, as well as a mod scene and a
New Wave scene, as well as a punk scene," Holland adds. But
at Pacifica High, a large More...

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Review about Offspring songs
strong after all | Reviewer: alice
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring

this song reminds me of my father who killed himself when i was 12. i miss you so much and i'd do anything to bring you back. i'm so sorry that you had so much pain in you that you didn't see another way out. i will always love and miss you, you we're the greatest.

remember people, always stay strong and always fight back. depression is disease and it can be healed, so don't give up.

Lost my wife to cancer | Reviewer: Chuck
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring

I have this song on a old play list that I use to listen to when I would go for my runs during the week. Last week I thought it might be fun to listen to some of the old tunes I had while running. Losing my wife at the age of 45 to cancer with two kids ages 13 and 11. I forgot I had this song on that play list. Needless to say I cried all night long after I heard it. I still believe in God and heaven. I have too, because that gives me hope I will see her again.
Prayers to

10 years next week, feels like today. | Reviewer: still missing you
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring

Selfish asshole, I miss you. You could have stayed for the man people that are grieving still, especially me. I love you, forever and always and I would trade if I could, but I would rather you still be here. As much pain as I am in, I will not be selfish. I won't hurt my kids to be reunited with you, time will reunite us. You took a large part of me with you that day, I want it back eventually.

Still in love

My Interpretation... very simple. | Reviewer: Kim
    ------ About the song Come out and play (keep'm separated) performed by Offspring

Ok, so look: basically it's about following others and being a part of what others are doing (like the latest fashion or trend) and joining gangs and violence in general as a teenager in ones school years and focusing more on violence and getting respected by others, making sure people know you're the top dog and not to talk back to you (disrespect you). Joining gangs is a must in the area where these kids go to school and grown up. So they like violence and being tough, making a reputation for themselves any way they can. Like the lyrics say "you're under 18 you won't be doing any time" just shows the listeners it's about kids and certain lifestyles kids in our world have to live in order to feel like they're somebody. "One's wasted and the others a waste" simply saying one's fucked up on something and the others a fuck up, it's all a mess. And "when you hear the sirens it's too late" someone got killed" even more so to say this is about violence between kids and the stupid decisions they make just to bea follower and " in the latest fashion or trend". Very simple. Yeah, good song! Just not as deep as maybe some of you wish it were, but for real, the lyrics say it all, there's nothing to have to analyze really, IMHO.

people should proof read their comments before they post them | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You're Gonna Go Far, Kid performed by Offspring

Whether the lyrics are wrong or not, what really bothers me are the comments. Anybody who posts comments or leaves behind criticism without any form of correction is wasting, not only time, but also wasting space.

P.S. If you're going to post a comment check your God Damn spelling & grammar, oh you should also check and make sure you are using the right words. Just because THERE and THEIR sound the same doesn't mean they are the same.

Very meaningful | Reviewer: Ainslea
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring

A life long friend of mine recently hung himself. I can't describe how I feel.
This song was chosen for his funeral as everyone entered the room.
It completely set the tone and was so appropriate for our boy.
I looked up the lyrics and found that it pretty much summed up my feelings.
Nothing can describe how I feel about losing Isaac, but this comes close.

wow | Reviewer: Not relevant for this review.
    ------ About the song Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? performed by Offspring

While my name is not Kristy, I was raped by one of my closest guy friends a little more than 8 months ago (I was 16) and I can't shake this song. People connect with a lot of songs but this is one of those crafted for anyone who's been through betrayal like rape or abuse. And the singer is right when he says "it never ends". What a beautiful song.

Never knew... | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring

I never really listened to this song so closely before. I lost my wife, my love, 4 years ago....08/27/09 and this song and the video really gave me a sense of what I have been feeling all these years. I still miss her dearly, and now I have another song that whenever I hear it, I will think of her.

Holds its own, even after 20+ years | Reviewer: Toni Allen
    ------ About the song Dirty Magic performed by Offspring

First, General Smiddy, your comment made me smile, lol. Bless your heart, as the Christians say, this song was released in 1992!

My husband and I are having a nineties evening and listened to Ignition all the way through. Totally forgot how great this whole album is, and this song in particular. So beautifully written.

nice song | Reviewer: tgf ty
    ------ About the song You're Gonna Go Far, Kid performed by Offspring

this song is good and all but why the argueing( sorry for any bad spelling) it doesnt mater as long as you enjoy the song and you can figure out the lyrics but if you disagree with everything put in your own words for example i miss heard: breathing in the chemicals. for, breathing in a cup of coals. and i still hear cup of coals instead of chemicals for the song radioactive by imaginedragons. no matter what i listen to it all but i do find most of the lyrics to songs on my own though so do what i do figure them out on my own. it helps trust me even if it does tick you off also i thought this song said dance your dance after listening more closely it says dance fucker dance so that part is right. but who am i to judge.

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