Officer Negative Albums

  • Officer Negative / Lugnut Split Album
    Rock Your Pants Off
    Little Man
    Into The Dawn
    Rock City
    Failure To Submit
    Pockets Of Resistance

  • The Death Campaign Project / Completion Conceived Album (3/23/2004)
    The Dawn Breaks
    The Palpable Illusion
    Several Tiers Below
    Pile Of Broken Tools
    Reality Of Emptiness
    The Winter Has Past
    The Knife
    Woven As One

  • Control Is An Illusion Album (6/1/2002)
    The Pile If Broken Tools
    I Consider That...

  • Zombie Nation Album (8/10/1999)
    Zombie Nation
    Replace Your Hate
    New World Disorder
    Human Garbage Can
    $American Dream$
    Red Cross
    Stars And Stripes
    Lost Generation
    God's Not Dead
    Unity In Christ

  • Dead To The World Album (5/26/1998)

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