Off Minor Albums

  • Innominate Album (8/24/2004)
    Killed For Less
    Inadequate In Absence Of You
    Demolition Heuristic
    In SL
    Devil Ether
    Family Circus

  • The Heat Death Of The Universe Album (1/28/2003)
    The Heat Death Of The Universe
    This Is A Hostage Situation
    It's A Beauty
    Punch For Punch
    The Transient
    Staring Down The Barrel, Limited Options
    Monday Morning Quarterbacks
    Off Minor

  • Problematic Courtship Album (8/24/2002)
    Problematic Courtship
    My Recovery
    Farewell Ne'er Do Well
    Willow Weep For Me
    Perfect Strangers
    The Transient (Live)
    Problematic Courtship (Live)
    Farewell Ne'er Do Well (Live)
    Perfect Strangers (Live)

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