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Vado Off Hiatus Lyrics

Last updated: 01/25/2013 06:51:35 PM

Not even they can stop me now
But I’ll be flying over head
And heavy words can’t bring me down
But I’ve been raised from the dead…

Kim cargo when shells and wells Fargo
Laughing waiting to go cash these withdrawals
My chick bad with class she been shop though
Name brown whore she works at that malo
Great choco four pipe Gallardo
Dark low hoodie on like fuck Corado
For Trayvon I'm strapped with napalm
Running the biggest bank like this won't take long
We don't want your money we're coming for straight bar
So stay calm no all spray will spray all
So bug off or get robbed off
My truck soft, drugs bacar andplus long
Chuck Porsche meet in Bogota with drug lords
Discuss soft speaking the powder need much more
Niggas act when they sign deals
Ran to the dealer for the same knocking resign field
I got a lawyer that's corrupted like Clanfield
Go to calido way it's a must that you grind still
Trapping back on my mind still drunk at the table
As I make the bottle or whine spill
Fresh of my high haters, high haters
Reckless when I bust a rhyme, a violator
Only squares you ever bought was now laters
Once you buzzin the hoes coming, vibrators

Even the dreams can do somehow
I swore I chased until I was dead
I heard the streets where faith was gold
That’s when my father said…

Course he on some new shit
Made it from breaking two bricks
Bosses take losses and workers just make excuses
Every verse is exclusive, every word is abusive
Pay your dirt if you used it
Get the bur you can move it
That's what I'm about nigga
Crib on the mountain
I'm so far like a couch nigga
Crack the G spot, give 10% to the house nigga
Get on your shit none of rappers spit, it’s a drought nigga
Lou balla slippers, my chilla smoke jacket
Niggas don't wanna get money they got a broke habit
Got a toe habit automatic’s a low fabric
You had a shot it was too late no basket
The strip dry,need wet work
Rapping the caine second it was bustin the check first
The second she fussing I'll be under the next skirt
Network flew me to Mexico to connect us
Left the prezzie, took the marina
terrace around the corner, can’t overlook the arena
No no hook up a diva, Selene bag of majina
Jeremy her Adida, she living single Regina
Just remember who your friends and associates
Fore you ride you'd better know who you rolling with
No need to hide out as long as handled appropriate
Balling he might that 4-5 you approaching with

Even the dreams can do somehow
I swore I chased until I was dead
I heard the streets where faith was gold
That’s when my father said…

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