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Pearl Jam Off He Goes Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2011 11:00:00 AM

Know a man
His face seemed pulled and tense
Like he's ridin' on a motorbike
In the strongest winds
So I approach with tact
Suggest that he should relax
But he's always movin' much too fast

Said he'll see me on the flip side
On this trip he's taken for a ride
He's been takin' too much on
There he goes with his perfectly unkept clothes
There he goes

He's yet to come back
But I've seen his picture
It doesn't look the same up on the rack
We go way back
I wonder 'bout his insides
It's like his thoughts are too big for his size

He's been taken...where, I don't know
Off he goes with his perfectly unkept clothes
There he goes

And now I rub my eyes, for he has returned
It seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned
For he still smiles... And he's still strong
Nothing's changed but the surroundin' bullshit
That has grown

And now he's home and we're laughin'
Like we always did, my same old, same old friend
Until a quarter to ten
I saw the strain creep in
He seems distracted and I know just what is going to happen next

Before his first step, he's off again

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love this song | Reviewer: indysera | 4/8/11

I almost broke down when I first heard it. It still has the same power to make me cry as it did at my first liten...many interpretations can be possible but I believe it's Eddie himself trying to get over things he couldn't solve and trying again and again to take a look at a new side of life to start. Anyway, it's one of all time fav tune off No code.

Wow... | Reviewer: Patrick | 11/19/10

It's great to read these different takes. I had always thought it was about an addict/friend of Eddie's. And he goes off to use. But, oddly enough listening it to it today after many years, I came to believe it was about Eddie himself and coping with his own little distracted demon. And then I read all these different entries, and it's about it all, isn't it? The sign of a great song. Great album too, completely under-appreciated it seems to me.

A bad friend | Reviewer: Zach | 10/6/10

I think it's about eddie how he goes away with all these other friends, and how he goes back n forth between all these things. I do the same thing.

My friend told me i reminded him of this song. He's fuckin right. I cry when i hear this.

A dad that is in and out of his son's life | Reviewer: Jennifer | 8/18/10

My husband has a really strange relationship with his father. He has always been in and out of his life. My husband comes from divorced parents and he grew up living with his mom. His dad would always pop in his life, acting as if no time had passed, and stick around for a few hours. Then he would get the itch and had to get running. They are buds when together but it is a very strained relationship. He played this song for his dad one day and his dad became very emotional, as if he knew it was about him. My husband calls his dad "the wind". After him playing this song a lot over the years I always think about his dad every time I hear it as if Eddie wrote this song about him. Its a great song and very interesting to see the interpretations everyone feels about it...

my personal story | Reviewer: Marcelo | 8/30/09

It's incredible how can one song have different meaning to so many different people. I always related it with a friend of mine who had to spend some time in for being involved in a fatal accident. He spent nearly 3 years away from everything until he got a parole and suddenly appeared at my house for a visit. He had changed a lot, his weight, his hair, everything. A couple of years later I heard this song for the first time and instantly reminded me of him. Altough he looked different, and everyone seemed reluctant to have him around as he was an ex-con, in many ways he was still the same. The last part of the song reminded me that about 8 o'clock he had to left to check with his parole officer. A few months later he completely vanished out of town, but I heard he was taken in again for something else. Never heard of him again.

it's about eddie | Reviewer: Tom | 5/19/09

i think it is about eddie, but it's about how he's always having to deal with a busy mind.. like a kind of depression.. sometimes he's ok, but then all of a sudden it changes, negative thoughts.. so when he says he's a shitty friend he probably means he's to busy with his own problems.. but like always.. we will never know what eddies interpretation is!

i'm a little depressed myself, and i always feel like this song is about a guy like me "It's like his thoughts are too big for his size"

My personal story with this song | Reviewer: FrankieA | 5/13/09

Take this song for what you want. A friend who was close to me and would have become a family member was taken away too soon. He was a person who I looked upto in my late teens who decided to indulge in other activities and could have been my brother in law. Towards the end it appeared he had changed and his priorities had shifted. When I first heard this song on No Code, it has and always will remind me of Al.

shitty friend | Reviewer: doublydan | 11/2/07

According to wikipedia Eddies lyrics are about himself being a shitty friend. while this makes since I always thought that this song was about a man who was mentally ill or who had taken too much acid... Whatever the case may be Its a great song by a great band! the Word "hope" does not seem to be that in the song...sounds more like cloak, clothes, or coat...