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There's already going to be 101 punk-powered rock groups
debuting this year, so why bother making Off By One the
102nd? The whole lot will be slamming out the spirited
fast-paced tempos, the huge catchy hooks, and the bursting
pop-packed choruses, so how's this San Diego four-piece any

Simply put, the exceptional songwriting of vocalist Marc
Gould, the type of talent who wrote and composed songs on
the piano before he even passed through his first
kindergarten door.

"My parents had me playing music by age three," Marc More...

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Reviews about Off By One songs

Oh. My. Gosh. | Reviewer: unknownpersonality
    ------ About the song Torn performed by Off By One

Wow. I'm used to the Ednaswap version of this song, so seeing "her" instead of "him" is strange to me. I suppose it's from a guy's perspective. I'm an Ednaswap fan (I've had "Silver Hill" stuck in my head all day) and I think that the female vocals (Ann Preven from Edanswap) help the song out a lot. No offense to the band, who I've never heard of, but this just seems...strange.

a good song | Reviewer: Kristen H.
    ------ About the song High School performed by Off By One

i just wanted to say that i just heard this song today and i love this band now. i would definitely advise someone to go out and buy this cd b/c if one of their songs rock, im sure all of them will. i love the punk/pop-punk style of music and this band is definitely gonna be added to my list of best bands.

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