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Divercia Of Steel And Man Lyrics

Last updated: 04/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

This world I know appraoches it's absolute... turning
As a man crawis away from his grave
Strangers welcome into our High-Tech
Age... into my self-preserving days!

I have fought for many reasons
I have lost myself into this reason
Condemned, perhaps for the last time
Countdown, my second last ride!

Just keep those eyes closed and watch another "man"
Transformed he doesn't feel at all
I'm planting the seeds of life, the steel acts like
flesh it-self
Allowing the dead to rise again!

Upgrading man with steel
Countdown my second last ride!
He doesn't feel at all
My sweet unhuman beings

Under the blackened skies, through the nightmares
they'll come for you
My sweet unhuman beings
This feelings growing, I'm reborn and my body is
showing a new life
It's here for me
100 years and you shall see

I have fought for many reasons, in my selfpreserving
And this is my personal... turning point
My wireless way of saying I love myself to death
My sweet unhuman beings!