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Odious Sanction Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 01:55:31 AM

ODIOUS SANCTION has been together for about 12 years. Going through many line up changes through the years,Steve Shalaty @ Scott Bryant(origional members)have managed to keep the band together. We believe strongly in making our music as heavy as possible. We are now a three piece with new bass player Adam Schwan. We are almost done with a new album titled (NO MOTIVATION TO LIVE).Scott Bryant is now playing guitar and singing. Steve Shalaty is on drums. Adam Schwan on bass. We are playing at peabody's in cleveland on NOV. 15th. with 13FACES and MISSING SKIN. Also we are playing a new years show,set up by S.B.S. ENTERTAINMENT at the cove in geneva on the lake on JAN3rd. featuring 13FACES,STRESSLORD,MISSINGSKIN,ENTHRALL,MECHANICORE. We have two cd's available (PUNISHMENT OF LIFE) AND (PSYCHOTICALLY ENRAGED).

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