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Ocean Of Warriors

As I look over yonder
What do I see
I see the masses growing
Like a raging sea

Men and women of valor
Willing to die to reach vallhalla
What do I see up over there
Today's stormtroopers ready for the dare

All I see in the distance
Is an ocean of warriors
Marching forward to battle
An ocean of warriors

Ready to kill
With a fist of steel
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Ready to fight to cure our nations ills
White resistance has risen
Freed from the bond of this emotional prison

We fight for love
Not for hate
To banish the cowards
To traitors gates

All I see in the distance
Is an ocean of warriors
Marching forward to battle
An ocean of warriors

Spirits are high
As standards they fly
In orderly files
Marching so proud
Mile after mile
Corps after corps they lead
And when it comes time to bleed
They're gonna know that they did their best
For their nations needs.

All I see in the distance
Is an ocean of warriors
Marching forward to battle
An ocean of warriors

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In answer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

Races can breed among them, even species can, you need to be from a different GENUS to be unable to interbreed, GreenGene you fucktard

There are fucking races in human species, based not only on color but squeletal and muscular differences and so on, why do you think the fastest men in the world are always black while every World Strongest Man winner come from Scandinavia or scandinavian descents on the americas? No, it isn't coincidence.

People are different. There are not inferior or superior races, but they are all different. And the chances of interbreeding spawning a superior individual compared to its parents is minor since the "differential" genes are always recessive

responce to all the non believers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

we need more people like lynx and lamb. wtf!, look what we got for president now. whats gonna happen next? im tired of all the foriners and the nigs getting a free ride at my expense its time for a second civil war to put this country back into perspective. WAKE UP AMERICA, AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

Agreed...leave them alone | Reviewer: GreenGene | 9/25/08

Leave them far alone in some backward, inbred Montana town, where their stepfather can "stuff" them full of his bent view on "racial purity". Hey if your ma and pa don't want you to marry outside your "race" (which is a misnomer for ethnic group - there is only one human race because we CAN breed together) and you're happy to swallow that narrow hook well more power to you but this silliness must have some line...I mean does your "race" extend to "whites" in Italy, Spain and Portugal or only the blue-eyed blonde ones?? Wade out into the ethnic pool of diversity that is our common human romping grounds. A little colour would do your offspring good.

A reponse to asianarran | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

Firstly, I would like to inform you that punctuation is not your enemy, and you should embrace it.
Secondly, I am almost certain you have based your opinions on media coverage and the popular view. I'm also not really sure why you posted "your" opinion as a review to Ocean of Warriors either, as I can't see any pro-Hitler sentiments, nor any racist sentiments. In fact, I think you'll find the majority of their lyrics promote racial pride as opposed to racial hatred (but don't let the facts get in the way of your preaching)

And finally, in my opinion, these 2 girls are the victims in the media and public hate directed at them for their "beliefs". If you watch the documentary on them by English filmmaker Louis Theroux, it's quite apparent that their mother is pushing her own views onto them. And since they have been making music since they were very young, they have not questioned what they are singing about, as it makes their mother happy and proud (as any child aims to achieve).
However, as the girls are older it's clear they are toning down their lyrics (and their beliefs?), and producing excellent songs such as "Your Daddy", and basically trying to lead normal lives (not helped by the media who remain convinced they are evil, nor their mother who still tries to push her beliefs on them)

So kindly dismount from your high horse and stop preaching. Your ironic claim that "IM HAVE MORE INTELLIGANCE" kinda render your points null and void anyway. Not to mention you describe Prussian Blue as ignorant and lacking information, somewhat hypocritical don't you think?

Rather than the girls preaching hate, it is in fact you trying to tell people that they should hate the girls for their views (or their past views). You'd be much better off letting people form their own opinions rather than trying to get them to join the row of sheep you have joined.

The problem with the Internet is half-wits like you can post their ill-conceived opinion on a subject they saw a biased 2 minute news article on. And if you decide to reply, for christ's sake try constructing some correct sentences.

asianarran | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

you both are racist and need to get a life just because your big doesn't mean anything in life.
plus im ashamed of your parents.what you to girls are trying to achieve is pure ignorance and lack of information all you have to show is an extreamest back ground made up of lies. This is the closets thing you will ever get to yourcolture since you dont have one you have to discriminte against peopleof beauty and difference. I'm diiscusted you girls have decided topromote such a racist politcaly incorret image and you choose to belive allof what your ingnorant probably not very bright mother and provocative father thinkin that you are bigger and greater yout girls are only young and thing that you knhow everything i bet you dont even know what you are talking about.To saty that adoph was a great man whofought for peace and never gave up tell me if he was such a great man why did he choose to promote somuch bloodshed kill inoccent children worldwars and you cdallhima great man the pinical of allthings barbaric you make me sick and im guessin you have an ounce of intelligance to think that what your promoting in the slightest is correct yes you can have fpride in your race but your not being proud of your race yur putting other races down and promoting the most barbaric and evil man that walked the earth be pruod to be white but i dont see why to be prouid to be white you must hate everyone els who has COLTURE JUST TO TRY AND PROMOTE YOURS YOU LACK KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING IM YOUNGER THAN YOU TO AND I ALREADY KNOW IM HAVE MORE INTELLIGANCE

In answer... | Reviewer: Lora | 7/18/07

For the three reviewers, in your ignorance I'll answer your questions
firstly I looked up prussion blue in interest albiet maybe a morbid one at first and then secondly in disbelief that two sweet looking CHILDREN were saying these HATEFUL things and that either they actually believed what they were being told and disbelief they were being told this
For the second reviewer, freedom of speech is given but thier are rules specefically protecting us from the harm speech can do e.g. slander If I siad in example and only as an example nationalists rape little girls of ethnic descent and put posters of this in my area, How many people would believe me as there is enough evidence to say that you dont favour people of ethnic descent in that case it would be slander, so wouldnt you and like everyone else claim to slander wouldnt you in the first song white man awake portraying a black man as someone who kills and steals is slander which we should all whatever race be protected from.all of the rules can be abused but most are there for a reason and that you feel and theres alot about freedom to say what you want but what about the freedom to choose what I do and dont want to hear and the average person does not what to hear racist/nationalist lyrics because in this day and age Britain and America are multicultural, families and friendship groups and lovers that make up nations are therefore by talking about a white nation you are dividing us as a nation by separating yourselves and advocating seperation.
Thirdly there is nothing wrong with being proud of your nation or proud of being a white american but what IS a white american is it just thier aesthetic is it thier skin-colour or is it thier beliefs or is it thier culture because black,indian,asian or caucasion or mixed can have the beliefs or culture similar or the same as a white american but my guess is you people want to play breeders and want american white rabbits so for your peace of mind out of the trillians of people on this earth i,m sure their are enough caucasions to make pretty white babies. In conclution the our skin-colour has no corrospondace to our belief or capebilities so why seperate yourself over something meaningless?

Luv from your average indian-carribian epicanthic folded upturned eyed, corkscrew curled bisexual maiden.
well your proud to be white, I'm proud to be mixed, peace out.

Freedom of speech | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

Freedom of speech is fair enough as long as they don't try to force there views on others.

Freedom of speech | Reviewer: Bart | 6/29/07

Yeah, that's right, freedom of speech. Something that most people have forgotten about when it comes to right-wing words. If it is left-wing, you can say whatever you want, but else you get all those ARA assholes over you. That, by the way, commited a lot of criminal activities theirselves.
These girls are great, and I mean that. I am proud of my nation (oh yeah you can't be proud of your nation if you're white, I forgot...) and I am proud that there are still people out there that still offer some resistance to the fact that you can't be proud of your nation or skin colour if you are not black... I am not trying to offend anyone here, I am just saying that there are still millions of people fighting racism to blacks, while racism to whites have tripled since the early 90's.

reponse to a proud white. | Reviewer: Alexandria | 6/9/07

I was reading a magazine and I came across an article"How would you handle a white supremacist next door?" Curiosity got the best of me and I googled them. Freedom of speech is overrated and has loop holes. If ppl TRULY had FREEDOM to say whatever was inplanted in them (or otherwise) Why is that you can sue for Slander and defamation of character? or saying somethings can land you in jail. These girls have rights to say what they plz, just like the ppl who read their lyrics. Even trade. Get the F*ck over it!

leave them alone, | Reviewer: A proud white | 5/18/07

just leave them alone you damn Lebensunwertes Leben (wiki search it) for fuck's sake, if you don't agree with them, why in hell are you even wasting your time searching for them? i don't agree with EVERYTHING they say, but you don't see me making an asshole out of myself. you're just digging yourself into a hole, trying to argue with proud whites. bitching about how their mother is 'horrible' won't change a god-damn thing. just shut up if you don't agree with the message behind the lyrics. they are protected as you and i by the constitutional right to free speech.


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