Obie Trice Albums

  • Bottoms Up Album (4/3/2012)
    Bottoms Up (Intro)
    Going Nowhere
    Dear Lord
    I Pretend
    BME Up
    Battle Cry
    Spill My Drink
    Spend The Day
    My Time
    Ups & Downs
    Hell Yeah
    Lebron On

  • Special Reserve Album (12/15/2009)
    Got Hungry
    You've Been Slain
    On & On
    I Am
    4 Stories
    Jack My Dick
    Dope Jobs Homeless

  • Second Round's on Me Album (8/15/2006)
    Wake Up
    Wanna Know
    Lay Down
    Cry Now
    Ballad of Obie Trice
    Jamaican Girl
    Kill Me a Mutha
    Out of State
    All of My Life
    Everywhere I Go
    Obie Story
    There They Go

  • Cheers Album (9/22/2003)
    Average Man
    Got Some Teeth
    Don't Come Down
    The Set Up
    Bad Bitch
    Shit Hits the Fan
    Follow My Life
    We All Die One Day
    Spread Yo Shit
    Look In My Eyes
    Hands On You
    Never Forget Ya

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    Reviews about Obie Trice albums
    Special Reserve | Reviewer: Psyfo Mdi
        ------ About the album Special Reserve performed by Obie Trice

    Ayo I like to say big up to Obie Trice & I really enjoyed this album, there is song that called jack my dick, cool cats & also a bonus track called Dope, Job Homeless.I really like that songs for real.

    Hands on you... | Reviewer: Lyles, J
        ------ About the album Cheers performed by Obie Trice

    Catchy lyrics, I like the tone of this piece. He should have just made more music, like this. It's easy to remember, make sence and tells a story. It is appreciated that women can be depicted like strong females, regardless of race, color, or creed. It makes one thing clear that between the lines, you know who you are riding for. There's no in between, no boundries or guidelines. That in it self is inspiring.

    your number one fan.

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