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The very first time Oasis played together they promised
they were going to be the best, that they'd never settle
for the dull thud of mediocrity. And then they set about
proving it. Right from the off, they resisted the security
of the obvious, of doing things the way they were supposed
to. They never sent a demo to a record company, knew that
supreme self-confidence and a host of classic songs would
be enough to curve destiny their way. When Creation Records
supremo Alan McGee saw them at a club gig in Glasgow they
had no manager, More...

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Review about Oasis songs
Wonderwall | Reviewer: DimaapiLoi
    ------ About the song Wonderwall performed by Oasis

This song will surely get your attention. Not just because of it's beat, but also the meaning of the song.

It makes me remind of God. He, himself is my wonderwall. When million is against me, I know he's always at my back, guiding me, protecting me and will never leave me.

I wrote this lyrics review because I want to share to the one who reads this, how great our God is. And also, I want to share that this song is awesome and meaningful.

Anyway, [in short] I really love this song. it plays a million times in my mind. I also experienced the 'last song syndome' thing just because of this song. :D

xoxo ~ God bless.

wonderwall | Reviewer: shawieMcArm
    ------ About the song Wonderwall performed by Oasis

Hmm..the moment I heard the song I thought of my mom, she's been through a lot that she couldn't fight the tears from falling because of this family problem of ours and after all I'm her wonderwall so i'd stand still beside her and be her wonderwall forever.

You help me | Reviewer: Javier Martinez Gonzalez
    ------ About the song Take Me performed by Oasis

Might hear "Alice" is also a demo of oasis and would like to know the lyrics because I do subtitles in Spanish and English with letter that would help me a lot.

expect an answer
Thank you

and sorry for my english is not so good

WOW.Gobsmacked. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Idler's Dream performed by Oasis

Another awesome song by "the chief". Noel is probably THE greatest songwriter of his generation. What a lovely song. The only oasis song not to contain drums by the way. I love it.

Song | Reviewer: C Dawg
    ------ About the song Who Put the Weight of the World On My Shoulders? performed by Oasis

This song is some great shit and I can't stop listening to it. Good stuff man Noel Gallagher is something else and I cant wait for the his new album gonna be great shit d'ya feel me?

amazing | Reviewer: leah
    ------ About the song Going Nowhere performed by Oasis

This song just makes me feel so much better.
I've recently had to move away around 211 miles from home and leave a boy behind that I was very close to. Since moving here, the distance has eliminated my chance of being with him and he is ready to move on. But I will never forget the way he made me feel, perfect, pretty, funny, unique. I just need God to give me some signs now about when I'll be happy again. I particularly like the the start of the song 'hate the way you've taken back' because he has moved on so painfully easily. It makes me sick to think that if I lived back there, we would be together. Anyway, enough of my depressing story. Brilliant song, well done again oasis :)

Great song. | Reviewer: JT QLD
    ------ About the song Solve My Mystery performed by Oasis

WOW. Another great song from one of the best bands to ever walk the planet. Makes you feel good and bad at the same time, yet victory is yours in the end.Noel Gallaghers song writing ability is just incredible,and is once again shown here.

I might be wrong but | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Keep The Dream Alive performed by Oasis

This is an idea I've always toyed with but I think this song could be about fame and is it really worth it in the end.

In the first line he is referring to the Hotel the Four Season (and not actually Winter, Summer etc) - a symbol of high status - and yet he's got no loved one to share these luxuries with as he spends so much time on the road touring, in and out of hotels

"Four Seasons, seconds flicker and flash, I'm alone
A lonely screen provides the scene, it's no home. "

It's my opinion that he's actually starting to think this life of being a Rock n Roll Star (get it??) isn't what he thought it was, and that at one point "This was my dream, but now my dream has flown"

The next verse is his wondering about what to do about the situation "I'm at the crossroads waiting for a sign, my life is standing still but I'm still alive"

"I'm no stranger to this place where real life and dreams collide" here he is telling us that he's had these thoughts so many times. "Real life" referring to an ordinary, day in / day out lifestyle and "dreams" obviously his accomplishments and fame.

However, despite this struggle he ultimately makes his choice to "Keep the Dream Alive".

Even if I'm wrong this is a fucking cool song.

The ethos of 'Let there be love' | Reviewer: Henry Page, Newhaven, UK
    ------ About the song Let There Be Love performed by Oasis

The 1940 version of 'Let There Be Love' refers with each stanza to the wonders of our beautiful planet. It is a plea for people to understand the power of nature and the beautiful world that it gives us. It is not a prayer because all of the references are to this world, not a 'god' or possible afterlife but the importance of enjoying and respecting this world.

hmm | Reviewer: rain xx
    ------ About the song Talk Tonight performed by Oasis

it's fine to get so romantic about the meanings and shit, but really it's not so hard to do your research or really listen to the lyrics.
Liam bitched about American audiences ( it may or not have been that they smell of fast food and are insincere) that is just me 'speculating'
anyway.... noel hit liam with his tambourine (LOL) and so they went their separate ways ( not for the last time)
noel went on to write this amazing song.
Please carry on reading into it as you will, only the the best songs can have that affect on the deserving AND the morons.
- Love from Rain - kisses xxx

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