Oasis Albums

  • Dig Out Your Soul Album (10/7/2008)
    Bag It Up
    The Turning
    Waiting For The Rapture
    The Shock Of The Lightning
    I'm Outta Time
    (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
    Falling Down
    To Be Where There's Life
    Ain't Got Nothin'
    The Nature Of Reality
    Soldier On

  • Don't Believe the Truth Album (5/29/2005)
    Turn Up The Sun
    Mucky Fingers
    Love Like A Bomb
    The Importance Of Being Idle
    The Meaning Of Soul
    Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
    Part Of The Queue
    Keep The Dream Alive
    A Bell Will Ring
    Let There Be Love

  • Heathen Chemistry Album (7/1/2002)
    The Hindu Times
    Force Of Nature
    Hung In A Bad Place
    Stop Crying Your Heart Out
    Song Bird
    Little By Little
    (Probably) All In The Mind
    She Is Love
    Born On A Different Cloud
    Better Man

  • Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Album (2/28/2000)
    Fuckin' In The Bushes
    Go Let It Out
    Who Feels Love?
    Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
    Little James
    Gas Panic!
    Where Did It All Go Wrong?
    Sunday Morning Call
    I Can See A Liar
    Roll It Over

  • Masterplan Album (11/3/1998)
  • Definitely Maybe Album (8/1/1998)
  • Be Here Now Album (8/26/1997)
  • What's The Story Morning Glory Album (10/3/1995)

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    Reviews about Oasis albums
    Awesome album!! | Reviewer: Jason
        ------ About the album Be Here Now performed by Oasis

    16 years ago today, Be Here Now was released in the U.S. and I bought it on CD that day. I still have the CD and still play it proudly. This is my favourite Oasis album. To me, this is Oasis' masterpiece...this is their Sgt. Pepper. It's a shame this would be the last album with Bonehead and Guigsy, marking the end of Oasis as we knew them in the 90s.

    Best Oasis Album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album What's The Story Morning Glory performed by Oasis

    It's no coincidence that this cd is one of the most sold albums of all-time. In the UK its #3 on the list of most sold albums with over 4 million sold (30 million worldwide). Don't Look Back in Anger and Wonderwall are Oasis's most famous songs. Champagne Supernova is their most epic song while Roll with It and Morning Glory are great in their simplicity. Cast No Shadow is a beautiful acoustic song. The songs are great individually, while the album as a whole is electrifying. You can't wish for much more as an Oasis fan.

    Heathen Chemistry- album number 6. | Reviewer: www.leon_trotsky_1917@hotmail.co.uk
        ------ About the album Heathen Chemistry performed by Oasis

    HEATHEN CHEMISTRY stands out as one of Oasis' most diverse albums to date, and, arguably without it, the band would never have accomplished so much with DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH. It has some all time classics like STOP CRYING YOUR HEART OUT, LITTLE BY LITTLE, THE HINDU TIMES and SONGBIRD. All of which reached the top 5 in the charts, with HINDU TIMES being the only number one on the album. However it also has many contributions from Andy Bell and Gem Archer, as well as Liam Gallagher, and although they might not be as cutting edge as the Oasis of old, they certainly do please the ear. Critics themselves say thay this was another poor album by Oasis, however it must be remembered, most songs are very popular with the fans, who don't mind what the critics say. Immediately after the release of the album, Oasis played three times to Finsbury Park, selling out 60,000 three times, and every song is well loved, and embraced by the fans- regardless of what the critics think.

    Oasis debut album | Reviewer: www.leon_trotsky_1917@hotmail.co.uk
        ------ About the album Definitely Maybe performed by Oasis

    This was the album that announced to the world that Oasis had arrived, in force and in style. It was released on the 30th August 1994, and became the fastest selling debut album of all time, an achievement which may never be beaten by any other band or artist.

    Within the album are many excellent songs, such as LIVE FOREVER, which is thought by many to be Oasis' best ever song. It also has many upfront, forceful songs, such as the confident CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL, SUPERSONIC and BRING IT ON DOWN. However it also combines these heavy songs with other lighter tracks, such as DIGSY'S DINNER, which is a light hearted jest at the pop music industry, it also contains SHAKERMAKER, which is Oasis' first song to be like THE BEATLES, full of nonsensical but nonetheless amusing lyrics, a very phsychadelic song. COLUMBIA is also in some ways the same, desribing the misunderstanding of feeling. MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is the acoustic song on the album, which has cutting edge lyrics. SLIDE AWAY is another epic song, which not only is great to listen to, but inspiring as well. Finally, ROCK N ROLL STAR is another of Oasis' great songs, which is Oasis sending a message that they don't care what people might think, they are going to make good music, and have a good time in the process.

    Fastest selling album of all time | Reviewer: www.leon_trotsky_1917@hotmail.co.uk
        ------ About the album Be Here Now performed by Oasis

    BE HERE NOW is Oasis' heaviest album out that has ever been released. It was released on the 21st of August 1997, after an 18 month gap by Oasis, filled with touring. It was the album that put Oasis firmly on top of the Britpop race against Blur, the album smashed previous records that had been set. It is the fastest selling album of all time, selling half a million copies in just four days, a feat yet to be beaten by anyone. The Album was the most eagerly awaited album in decades, hence the reason why it sold so well. Although not considered as good as their previous album WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY?, BE HERE NOW gave credibility to the self proclaimed title of "best band in the world". It contains within it very well produced songs, with the help of Death in Vegas (hence the heavy nature to the album). It has two number one hits, D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? and ALL AROUND THE WORLD, but it also contains STAND BY ME and DON'T GO AWAY, which both reached Top 5 positions in the UK chart.
    Be Here Now also put Oasis 2nd in the US album charts, giving Oasis the right to claim that they were the best band in the world, and it reached number 1 in album charts across the world, as well as the UK.
    It has many thunderous tunes, such as MY BIG MOUTH and ITS GETTING BETTER (MAN!), which set the pulse racing, and are expertly crafted songs. Noel only puts in one performance, for MAGIC PIE, which is also a unique song, which has more signs of THE BEATLES than traditional Oasis.
    BE HERE NOW stands out as Oasis' best performing album, and has many great songs within.

    A sort of Dej√° Vu, Nothing new | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Don't Believe the Truth performed by Oasis

    it's like listening to a 40 year's old band, nothing new to say, nothing new to listen

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