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Samantha Fox OUT OF OUR HANDS Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2007 11:00:00 AM


If I had my way, I would be by your side today
Some other time, some other place
One perfect night, a vision of paradise
Away from the world and into the light

Oh, when there's no one left to turn to
Oh, when there's nowhere left to go

Is it all slipping out of our hands
Through the forces we can't understand
Toss a coin up to see how it lands, it's out of our hands

I don't know why the time that we have just flies
right out of the door, and out of our lives
Watching you go, your goodbyes are long and slow
And after the high, you live with the low

Oh, and when there's no one left to lean on,
and when theres no place left to go,
Is it all slipping out of our hand
through the forces we cant understand,
toss a coin uop to see how it lands, its out of our hands.

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