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Morrissey OH WELL, I'LL NEVER LEARN Lyrics

Last updated: 11/20/2008 10:00:00 AM

Looking up at the sign
And so in I ran
You see ...

I'll never learn
Oh, I'll never learn
I'll never learn

Chapter one again
Here I go again
I found a fountain of youth
And I fell in
How could I ever win ?

I'll never learn

I'll never learn
I'll never learn
Why should I mind ?
Why should I care ?
I'll never learn
I'll never learn

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The Enigma Of Mozza | Reviewer: Liam | 11/20/2008

There are two songs that make you ponder for days on end. One is 'I Know Very Well How I Got My Name' the other is this gem. These songs represent the beauty in simpiciaty and how less can be more. The engima of Mozza continues when you listen to other material and wonder how Mozza can sound so, well bland. It gets stranger still when you relise how well hidden these songs are as B sides and unless you are a devoted fan you would never learn of there existance (pun intended). As you know Morrissey fans have to argue there case of like him on a regular basis and if you can't use songs like this to defend his music post smiths you can run a little low after a while. The engima, it seems, doesn't wish to be defended at all. Classic Mozza!