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Sarah Brightman O mio babbino caro (Oh dear daddy) Lyrics

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Oh dear daddy
I love him, he is so handsome
I want to go to Porta Rossa
to buy the ring
Yes, yes, I mean it
And if my love were in vain
I would go to Ponte Vecchio
and throw myself in the Arno
I fret and suffer torments
Oh God, I would rather die
Daddy, have pity, have pity

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son amassi non invano | Reviewer: Vanessa Peterson | 2/27/2006

Maria Callas cannot be beat on this front. Ms. Brightman's recordings are gorgeous, but still barely compare to Ms. Callas' performances, so long ago. Requiem aeternam con musica. For her, eternal rest, with music.

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Maria Callas' version is timeless! | Reviewer: Michael Agee | 1/30/2005

Keep in mind, stereo sound was not developed until 1958. Maria Callas' rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro" graced our ears in 1954. Her version of this song in monophonic still surpasses all current attempts by today's artist. Maria Callas' performance will always remain the standard in this new millenium. Regret she is not with us to witness the impact she made.

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Eleftheria_Arvanitaki | Reviewer: alejandro zamudio | 1/21/2005

For me Maria Callas is the everlasting muse of all the times, and O mio babbino caro is just a little sample of the bright and depth of her performances, i love her and i love the ones that love her, too.

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