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Sarah Brightman O Waly, Waly Lyrics

Last updated: 07/19/2013 09:54:04 PM

The water is wide, I cannot cross o'er,
And neither have, the wings to fly.
Give me a boat that will carry two,
And both shall row, my love and I.

O, down in the meadows the other day,
A-gath'ring flowers both fine and gay,
A-gath'ring flowers both red and blue,
I little thought of what love can do.

I leaned my back up against an oak,
Thinking it were a trusty tree;
But first it bent, and then it broke,
Thus did my love, prove false to me.

There is a ship, and she sails the seas,
She's laden deep, as deep as can be,
But not so deep, as the love I'm in;
I know not if I sink or swim.

O, love is handsome, o and love is fine,
And love's a jewel when it's first new,
But when it's old, it groweth cold,
And fades away, like morning dew.
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