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You belong to the gang
And you say you can't break away
But I'm here with my hands on my heart

Our families can't agree
I'm your brother's sworn enemy
But I'll shout out my love to the stars

So wait for the stone on your window, your window
Wait by the car and we'll go, we'll go

When first we laid eyes
I swore to no compromise
'Til I felt my caress on your skin

Well, how soon we were betrayed
Your sister gave us away
And your father came all unhinged

So wait for the stone on your window, your window
Wait by the car and we'll go, we'll go

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Oh Valencia
With your blood still warm on the ground
And I swear to the stars
I'll burn this whole city down

All I heard was a shout
Of your brother calling me out
And you ran like a fool to my side

Well the shot, it hit hard
And your frame went limp in my arms
And an oath of love was your dying cry

So wait for the stone on your window, your window
Wait by the car and we'll, go we'll go

Oh Valencia
With your blood still warm on the ground
And I'll burn this whole city down
With your blood gettin' cold on the ground
And I swear to the stars
I'll burn this whole city down

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Yuuuup | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/10

This song, along with Yankee bayonette are my favorite two songs by them. The decemberists are one of the most talented, influential. And unique groups in the music scene. I absolutely love them. (: -mattisen(;

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/10

Found the name of this song on the blog which said alternative rock songs you must have and i just downloaded it and OMG Its very sweet song, the band seems very brilliant though i dont know very much about them, but keep rocking the decemberists

Not half bad?!?! The band is INCREDIBLY talented! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/09

I agree with all that Mr. Colin Meloy is a genius.
HOWEVER. Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, Chris Funk and John Moen are positively brilliant at what they do, too! Ms. Conlee is gifted at accordion and all things piano, organ and keyboard related. Mr. Query is one of the best bassist ever, not to mention that it's way cool that the Decemberists use upright bass in most of their songs. Mr. Funk is wonderfully, wonderful, wonderful on guitar. And Mr. Moen is totally awesome at drumming, not to mention that he does most all of the harmony.
Oops. Sorry to go all rant-y on ya'll! In short, I love the Decemberists, this song, Mr. Meloy, and the band.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/09

I'm pretty sure it's like talking about West Side Story. I'm your brothers sworn enemy, the person got shot, you belonged to the gang... sounds like it to me. I swear I listened to this song like 8 times just so I could sing along. (: Wonderful

this lyricist is brilliant. the band aint half bad either. | Reviewer: kaiosyne | 11/20/08

really, when i first heard this song, i was reminded of romeo and juliet. this song is so good that i can say so with all confidence to my theatre friends. brilliant work mr. meloy, hat's off to you sir.

Wow...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

At first i heard this song i loved it and tryed to sing along because i really liked it. But then when i saw the lyrics i really almost cryed but not all the way. I did however feel my body getting all hot and sad this song is just so moving. I also felt the same way about some of their other songs. They can be misslieading at first you hear the happy tune and want to dance to it, but then you read the lyrics or just listen carfully to them and there very sad but still a really good song. I just almost cryed to this song and now i want to listen to it again. P.S. If you like this song try Sons And Daughters also a good yet sad and moving song if you really listen carfully to it.

First song I ever cried from... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/07

I loved the sound of this song, but then I actually listened to the lyrics... It made me sad... So every time I heard this song I had these conflicting feelings about wanting to groove on the song, and it feeling inappropriate to do so on such a sad song. But then, I was listening to the song, and at the part of the girl getting shot, I could see myself as the guy, with my love in my arms, going limp, and telling me she loved me... I just lost it and tears started rolling down my cheeks.. Before yesterday, it had been 2-3 years since I'd cried... I don't cry easily.

soo sad | Reviewer: ellie | 3/26/07

i absolutly adore this song but it is sooo sad..i first heard it at my friends house and one of our friends just got shot so it was so so sad...we started crying. again

Love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/07

I love this song. The director's cut of the video was done well, and Im glad I watched it. The Shorter version made no sense, but after seeing the whole, actual video it made everything link together. I recommened watching it.

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