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The group entitled O-Town, short for Orlando town, was
created by the same guy who brought you the Backstreet
Boys, and Nsync. Lou Pearlman had this wacky idea to hold
auditions in several different locations nationwide, in
order to create the next "boy band" of pop music. On the
hit TV show "Making the Band," on ABC, this is were many
guys dreams hoped to become realities. Many guys tried out
and they finally narrowed it down to eight guys. (Bryan
Chan, Jacob Underwood, Ashley Angel, Mike Miller, Ikaika
Kahaono, Erik Estrada, More...

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Reviews about O-Town songs

OMG!!! | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Liquid Dreams performed by O-Town

So when I was younger I loved O-Town and this was like my favorite song! Of course being young and innocent I didn't know what it was about...I totally just realized tonight what it was about...wow...lol...I am glad I'm not the only one lol

wow | Reviewer: someone
    ------ About the song All Or Nothing performed by O-Town

omg this song is so amazing its the best ever when imm feeling sad i always listen to it ahhh i love it

Shy girls would love this song ! | Reviewer: G.D Richardson
    ------ About the song Shy Girl performed by O-Town

Well,actually I don't Know O-town very much and I've just heard some of their songs.My fave Boy Band is Backstreet boys and my fave member is Kevin Richardson...But I should confess that some of O-Twn songs are really beautiful,too...like Sensitive,The painter,You can't lose me and of course Shy girl.I like Shy girl the most...Its lyric is different...It's about the girls who are not sociable and don't get a lot of attention from boys.Its music is beautiful and O-town guys sing really nicely...I Love this song !

Amazing | Reviewer: Sadee
    ------ About the song All Or Nothing performed by O-Town

All I have to say is that I love this song. It is so.. amazing! I don't know how someone couldn't like this song.

completly innapropriate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Liquid Dreams performed by O-Town

O-Town is on some serious crack. I cant believe parents let their kids listen to songs about wet dreams. What was their next hit? "...premature ejac.?"

umm... | Reviewer: Sascwatch Jones
    ------ About the song Liquid Dreams performed by O-Town

even though my email is called liquid dreams,
i think this song is nasty but cool

Missing something | Reviewer: Amy
    ------ About the song Shelli's song performed by O-Town

Well, I've review these lyrics. Although it was quite captivating, I felt it was missing a "I thought she knew" and "There's a thousand words that I can say, to make you come home" The writer was missing some of the "heat it up" power which is usually present. Although she fully displayed her "liquid dreams" I felt somewhat empty with the song... Hopefully, there won't be any more Tearing up my heart, because I know you want me back...
That's all for now.
I'm Gone

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