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Deformed in 1987 by Don of the Dead (Bass) with Jer the Butcher (Guitar), Gregoroth (Vocals) and Behemoth Bill (Drums), the spawn called Nun Slaughter began spewing forth the sonic vomit known as Death Metal. Shunning the vile confines of a studio for the oppressive darkness of a basement tomb, they released their first demo in 1987 and christened it "Ritual of Darkness". The raw sound of "Ritual" established N.S. as purveyors of true Death Metal.

The bands line up experienced it first of many mutations in '89, with Jer and Bill being replaced by Rick Rancid (Guitar) and John Sicko (Drums). NunSlaughter's, second bastard offspring came screaming through the birth canal shortly thereafter, dragging it's fetid placenta, "The Rolling Christ". The next band-member morphogenesis occurred in 1991, when Gregoroth and Sick slithered away. Von the Impaler latched on as a drummer and Don of the Dead (still on bass) became Nun Slaughter's vocalist as well. This repugnant assemblage produced the band's third demo, "Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death".

Two years crawled by before the next Nun Slaughter creation was revealed. In 1993, upon learning that the now legendary "Ritual of Darkness" demo was being bootlegged as a 7" record in Brazil, Don of the dead began conspiring to celebrate Nun Slaughter's international conquest. The band conjured up yet another drummer - Mark Perversion. Hell bent on keeping the intrinsic, unrefined sound that had become their trademark, N.S. recorded their infamous "The Guts of Christ" demo completely live in their living room.

In 1995, NunSlaughter reinstated the unholy alliance of three of the original members: Don of the Dead, Gregoroth and the Butcher. This sinister triad summoned the relentless drumming powers of Jim Sadist and exorcised the :Face of Evil: demo for the underground Death Metal masses. In January of '97 (after Gregoroth and the Butcher went their separate ways) Don and Jim, along with fresh meat Chris 213 (bass) and Blood (Guitar), began a new decade of death with the band's first studio recording, a split 7" record with Bloodstick.

After countless setbacks but continuous writing Nun Slaughter unleased four more 7" records. This first being a limited edition glow in the dark split 7" record with Dekapitator. A meeting of the most sinister kind came about with the release of 666 copies of a split 7" with Crucifer. Unable to restrain their twisted prolific minds, Nun Slaughter then produced an entire 7" record entitled "Blood Devil". And the legend continues to grow with their split 7" with the cult female death metal band Derketa.

With the signing to Revenge Productions Nun Slaughter released their full length LP/CD "Hells Unholy Fire". A tour was arranged to promote the LP and NunSlaughter began their European tour in September 2000. While touring NS released another 7” record “Trifurcate”. This is to date the fastest selling release.

After the very successful and legendary tour NunSlaughter returned to the states and began working on their next few releases. There are many more NunSlaughter vinyl’s planned for 2001. A live MLP entitled “Devil Metal”. A split 7” with UG metal gods Dr. Shrinker. A few live 7"s and of course a new studio LP to be on Revenge productions. NunSlaughter has added a few new members to the defiling ranks. Supporting the "Radio Damnation" CD a few shows have ensued. The HUF LP will be re-released on Pic LP format. All others bow to NS. Metal is Death Death is Metal Hail Nun Slaughter true Death Metal.

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