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Nuno as a child...
Nuno was well-behaved as a child in Poco da Areia, Terceira
(hmm... why does he look so mischievous?). He had a
fondness for American films, even visiting his neighbor to
watch them when his family's set broke down.

There were rough times in the late 60's for the
Bettencourts, though they are remembered by neighbors as
having great dignity, Mrs Bettencourt especially, as being
a great woman. Nuno will tell you how much he loves and
respects his mom, calling her the "only woman that ever
mattered to More...

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    ------ About the song Sick Punk performed by Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt....there are few guitarists that have a sound so unique and riveting. Tommy Bolin, and Jeff Beck are other examples. However, Nuno plays ALL instruments, sings all vocals on SICK PUNK. He does this on BOTH of his solo albums. The fact that this is the only review of this song is a sad, sad statement. I am late in discovering most of his VAST amount of music..(Internet deprived) LISTEN TO THIS SONG..CRANK THE VOLUME...HEAR A TRUE MUSICIAN!!! SICK PUNK F***IN JAMS!! Nuno Bettencourt's musical talents, as well as his humble attitude ABOUT those talents, is a rare and refreshing.

Fine by me | Reviewer: AJ
    ------ About the song Fine By Me performed by Nuno Bettencourt

Typical Nuno showing his vesatilty - he's a pure song writing genious

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