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Sia Numb Lyrics

Last updated: 02/07/2012 10:00:00 AM

I saw you cry today
The pain may fill you
I saw you shy away
The pain will not kill you

You made me smile today
You spoke with many voices
We travelled miles today
Shared expressions voiceless

It has to end
Living in your head
Without anything to numb you
Living on the edge
Without anything to numb you

It has to end to begin

Began an end today
Gave and got given
You made a friend today
Kindred soul cracked spirit

It has to end to begin

Living in your head
Without anything to numb you
Living on the edge
Without anything to numb you

Living in your head
Without anything to numb you
Living on the edge
Without anything to numb you

It has begun!

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here's why she was wrote that song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/12

Furler and her boyfriend, Dan, travelled together on a world trip, she stopped off in Thailand. Dan was killed in a traffic accident in London, a week before she arrived. She lived in a London boarding house with Dan's friends.[4][11] In 2007 Furler recalled the impact of Dan's death, "We were all devastated, so we got shit-faced on drugs and Special Brew. Unfortunately, that bender lasted six years for me."[11]

The album's lyrics dealt with her boyfriend's death, "I was pretty fucked up after Dan died. I couldn't really feel anything. I could intellectualise a lot of stuff; that I had a purpose, that I was loved, but I couldn't actually feel anything."

Somehow if you are going through depression, it is comforting to know that after she's been through, she managed to pull out and therefore so can you.

depression | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/12

Having been through depression years ago and going through another patch, I completely understand the feelings and lyrics but also God saying to me that:

- despite the excruciating pain that fills me, it won't kill me, despite taking nothing to numb it like drug or alcool

- "it has to end to begin" being about having to hit rock bottom to rise again. Just like the phoenix having to burn in order to be reborn from it's ashes and rise again...

sia is amazing | Reviewer: tamara | 4/18/10

I am a huge sia fan, the vibe I get from this song, from when I watched her perform this live in sydney as she said she was going through "a very sad time" you'll find in breathe me she was going through a very bad time, break up wise, she suffered depression.

numb | Reviewer: Arielle | 4/7/10

for me this song is my first love, he was living in his head, living on the edge with nothing to numb him when he was alone. i felt like the other part of him, and since he is gone i feel like a "cracked spirit". it scares me to think there is only one person for us. i cant imagine loving someone again.i want to feel numb from this.

"the pain will not kill you" | Reviewer: Was this written to express our thoughts? | 10/27/09

I was nearly raped two years ago. My close friend was.

Both of us sent each other this was incredible.
We broke down and cried for the first time ever.

It was the message that "the pain will not kill you", that we could rise above the pain and move on. We had no way to numb what we felt; the pain, the shame, the disgust, the anger, all of it.
And then, "it has to end to begin". We let go of it, we worked SO hard to end the pain, everything we felt. And managed to begin again.

True power.

Beautiful and sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/09

I had never heard this song before until watching a rerun of CSI Miami about celebrities who were recovering addicts. While the song is beautiful and captivating.Its is also quite sad. It was clearly written from the heart and could be about anything from an addition to a substance or to a person.

Recovery isn't easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

I too am a recovering drug addict... this song really speaks in a way that screams "You're not alone, I've been there too"
It's almost as if she's singing from the drug itself's point of view... quite a pretty song, too.

maybe a different voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

I think it's speaking to someone hurting/addicted, whichever. A relationship is being formed between the two, "We travelled miles today Shared expressions voiceless". Trust is being built but the line still hasn't been crossed into fully allowing the other in,"I saw you shy away". Being caught up in the hurt/drugs is still in the way "It has to end to begin began an end today Gave and got given"

Anything to Numb You | Reviewer: Carlyy | 2/21/09

To me, this is like being on the fine line... the dotted line of knowing that you shouldn't smoke that drug, shouldn't pop that pill and knowing that it will get rid of this aching hurting breaking feeling in your heart, an emotional high for a little while.
"I saw you cry today
The pain may fill you
I saw you shy away
The pain will not kill you"
It's finally broke down, finally reached your breaking point: you cried today, the pain comes flooding in, and you'd do anything to get rid of it, and drugs sound pretty good right about now, but your logical side takes over and you "shy away" convincing yourself that this pain will not kill you.
"You made me smile today
You spoke with many voices
We travelled miles today
Shared expressions voiceless"
This seems to be about getting help. You think you're doing better, you smiled today, you made progress(travelled many miles), but the voiceless expressions are your real emotions, your fears that are bubbling up but you keep them quiet.
"It has to end
Living in your head
Without anything to numb you
Living on the edge
Without anything to numb you"
You realize what you've become, and it has to end, you can't take it anymore. But this struggling with addiction lives in your head, you're constantly thinking about it. Your heart is aching, your life's a train wreck..and you feel like you're battling it out alone, without anything to help, without the drugs, without anything to numb you.

The Breakup | Reviewer: Selena | 12/17/08

So after listening to this song about a million times because I am so in love with it, this is my interpretation:

This is a breakup between two people who have been together a long time. Let's just say for argument sake the person doing the breaking is a woman, since it is a woman singing this song.

In verse one they've broken up but try to remain friends. She sees that he's still hurting, but reassures him that he will live through it. Verse two they are working past the relationship into friendship. Maybe spend a day together talking about many topics and she gets to see all the sides to him, instead of the sad, so it made her smile. They know each other so well that there is no need for words to enjoy a moment, "Shared expressions voiceless". The chorus is her telling him its over, that the once romantic relationship has to end in order to build a friendship. But this man is so wrapped up in the head over the breakup she apollogizes for not being able to help numb the pain away. In verse three I think the man is now acceptant of the friendship "You made a friend today" but the woman knows it will always be a deeper connection between the two "Kindred soul cracked spirit".

So, that's just what I imagine or feel this song is telling me. Very awesome.

Depression &/or anxiety | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

To me this song is about depression and/or anxiety. About how you're trapped in your head and nothing can numb those voices. And then someone comes along who understands, who's been there too "Kindred soul cracked spirit" and who helps you end the cycle so you can begin living again.

numb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

I have always thought of this as a suffering break up song.
When I broke up with a man I loved, it was because I felt I loved him more than he loved me back. "the pain will not kill you"

"It has to end
Living in your head
Without anything to numb you
Living on the edge
Without anything to numb you "

I feel this speaks about being so caught up in a relationship, trying hard to make him feel the way I feel, trying to get attention from him.

but everyone interpret different things, and thats a good thing :)
I agree that this also could be a very good addict song.

Not an addict but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/08

I'm the type that could become one. I'm looking for the numb. I'm living in my head as she sings about. This song speaks to me, it's about me, but it doesn't help me. It's told me what I already know. My voice needs to be numbed.

NuMb | Reviewer: Trixie | 1/31/08

I am also a recovering addict, and I agree that this song hits the spot on living life on lifes terms without anything to "NuMb" you.
And she also has an amazing voice!
Check out the new album!
Happy Recovery!

fierce | Reviewer: rosie | 1/14/08

to me this song describes addiction.
im a recovering drug addict myself and this song speaks to the constant battle going on in my head, and the voice in my head that tries to seduce me back into active addiction.
Wanting to numb all my bad feelings, but knowing that if i do, then the pain will only get worse.
the progession.
the greiving.
the hurt.