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Don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna' happen

You paint yourself white
And fill up with noise
There'll be something missing

Now that you've found it, it's gone
Now that you feel it, you don't
You've gone off the rails

So, don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna' happen

You go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking!

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such a calming but melancholic song | Reviewer: Yudi | 5/28/14

my interpretation is that he sings about finding love but not being loved back.

"Don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna' happen"

words of despair about wanting something that didn't happened

"You paint yourself white
And fill up with noise
There'll be something missing"

you try to forget, start fresh and filling yourself with other stuff but something is still missing.

"Now that you've found it, it's gone
Now that you feel it, you don't
You've gone off the rails"

you feel love but it's gone cause you're not loved back and it's driving you crazy.

"You go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking!"

love eventually turns to anger and hatred towards that other person and you find yourself thinking bad things about him.

Calm down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/11

This song is a wonderful piece and one of my favorites from the album, but people are concerning themselves too much with what is the "correct meaning" of the lyrics. Music is up for interpretation, especially when it comes to Radiohead. The goal is to make something that makes others think, and find their personal opinions about it. There are certainly no wrongs or rights to it. So just breath and calm down, because this is a great song to do just that to. Also, the lyrics are spot on.

NUDE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/11

He's talking to can you not see it? He's simply talking about his writing process...He feels like he's running out of determination and drive. But the beautiful thing is that he really isnt. He's just playing a joke on himself to ease the process. He's not expecting much from himself...but nevertheless, the results are phenomenon. This is art for art's sake; nothing more, nothing less.

lost love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

I always thought of this as longing for the lost love in your past and having it completely consume you. Wanting so bad to go back and get it, but hes saying youll be disappointed if you try and if it involved good sex then your dirty mind is a big part of those thoughts. However as with a lot of bands you think a song is about love, and it turns out to be political or worldly

yet another opinion :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/10

My take on this song is that a superficial person is trying to change someone, but that someone can see through the illusion. Stay true in a world of profiteering, fluff, glitz and glamour. Those that have succumbed are living a lie and will pay. The last notes of this song sounds like the ending of a horrible musical. Oooo ahahaaah - the curtain falls and everyone lives happily ever after. It's like saying "I can play your game too". Don't mind me, I'm listening to Radiohead atm. :)

Another opinion... | Reviewer: jake | 8/8/10

Or maybe he is saying that the corrupt world doesn't want you to think this or that and that line "You'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking" is sarcastic. Other than that, I totally agree with you.

Dont let the darkness take over | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

This song makes me cry almost everytime I listen to it. He is talking about finding yourself, but having to suppress what you have learned. He says that now that you have discovered it, you are stuck and don't know which way to go. Which way will lead us out of the dark, and not knowing which was to go is driving you crazy. The only thing I dislike with my analogy is that he says "you'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking" meaning that these revelations that you have made will lead you to a dark dark place. I 'd like to think that discovering yourself would lead you to further enlightenment.

mmmm | Reviewer: yoyadsvalentine | 3/22/10

yum, this song gives me the illest chills every time i hear it. Heartbreaking, in the best way. It's impossible to describe. I turn it up as loud as I can when I'm driving, and every layer of sound is just beautiful.

Girls send me to hell | Reviewer: mother of... | 12/4/09

i find it interesting that most of the reviewers saying its beautiful are the women. they dont even mention what the lyrics mean, only what it feels from the outside.

this song curses the common man for seducting his own subconcious and going to bed for peace.

let him be heard by all!

Magical | Reviewer: Galoag | 8/31/09

Words can't and will never describe the way this song makes me feel, it reminds me so much of my first true love. I can't get enough of this band
their lyrics, their sound, everything is just perfect about this band. I wish they come to GA soon.

amaaaaaaaazing | Reviewer: jess | 8/20/09

i listen to this song everyday. it's one of those songs you can never get tired of listening to. it's rather sad but the end leaves you wishing for more. would looooooooove to see them live. come to canada radiohead!!!!!!!!!

Pure magic | Reviewer: Graham Bourne | 7/6/09

The first time i heard this track was a few months back. I'm a real melancholy freak when it comes to what music i listen to . . . . Daily. I'm talkin Portishead, Massive Attack, Some BjøRk and lamb etc, but when i heard this track it was as if everything made sense. The feelings i feel when listening to the mentioned artists reached its pinnacle.every hair on my body stands at attention and i feel as tho God is in the room with me. EVERYTIME i play it which is everyday, i get the same feeling. NEVER before has a track done this to me. Be blessed Radiohead. Thank you . I mean this with every fibre of my being.

they've come to mexico | Reviewer: Marlene | 3/23/09

My friend, they were here the past weekend, I went to their concert, the monday, and it was magical, I just fell really happy when I was there hearing them. Compleatly beautiful...55 000 souls singing and feeling their songs. I hope they come back soon to Mexico.

Unbelievable song. | Reviewer: Alexis Machine | 10/8/08

"Nude" is such a brilliant, yet underrated song. The lyrics are few, but still manage to strike a heart-wrenching chord in the hearts of all who happen to hear it. Even the musical accompaniment alone manages to destroy me without fail. All in all, this song is without a doubt one of my most favorite and highly recommended songs by this particular group. Hail Radiohead.

Nude | Reviewer: Helterskelter | 3/27/08

I think Colin's bassline was the "missing jigsaw piece" (ahem) for them re-recording this, because the drums are similar to pre-2006 live performances. Best song on the album, the first 40 seconds are absolutely brilliant.

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