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Link 80 Nowhere Fast Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:23 AM

Julie had a bad day so she headed north on I-5, she just wanted to get the hell out of Los Angeles. Thought maybe Seattle, but ended up on Haight Street, bumming change from a young gutterpunk named Mario. Do this: All I have to do is die. Think this: all I have to think is why. Be this: all I have to do is try, I'll be what I want. Julie was on cocaine but she kept the car in her lane, thought she didn't have a clue where is would take her... Nowhere fast, that's where I want to be. Give me good times and someplace to sleep, the price of freedom doesn't actually come cheap... Julie had a migraine because she was out of cocaine and she finally got her ass back to Los Angeles. Julie, she was crying as she headed across the bay bridge, she just had to get the hell away from Mario. Thought the lower east side counded good but she was so tired, she just parked outside a crack house in South Berkeley. Julie, she was running, so she kept the car at 80 and it died just norht of Gilman Street in Albany. Julie was a f*ckup, but I swear she wasn't stupid, and she finally got her ass back to Los Angeles.