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Kenny Rogers Now and forever Lyrics

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Here we stand
Tracing the moments in our lives
Hand in hand
Facing the future of our lives
No one has ever been closer
I feel your heartbeat moving with mine.

Oh,love me, now and forever
Tell me, that you will never leave me
Now and forever stay and love me.

Face to face
I see my hope for tomorrow
Place to place
Lovely to wait for me to follow
No one could ever be nearer
Can´t think of anyone else that I want to.

Love me, ...

With every measure of time
There´s a thought of you
And knowing I´m all you want
´cos we make it through.

Love me, ...

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made for the spirit | Reviewer: dominic | 1/6/2005

the song will go a long way as a classical great that shows both the ability to make a good combination of a magnificent insrumental and lyrics that will always haunt you years after you hear it.human race needs more of such songs

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