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Barry Manilow Now It's For Real Lyrics

Last updated: 06/21/2011 12:00:00 PM

Hard to believe
Only a day
And fifteen years of hard times
Flyin’ away

All those dead ends
Bills comin’ due
Then one door opens
And I walk through
Why should it amaze me
I always knew

Now it’s for real
Here and today
Forget about dreamin’
It’s real all the way
The world’s made to order
Here’s how it feels
Mine and I’m movin’ it
Now it’s for real

All the way up
I’m gonna climb
Been waitin’ forever
And here’s my time

Was hungry for years
Eyes on the goal
Now comes the payoff
I’m on a roll
And I’m gonna own this
Body and soul

Repeat Chorus

Letdown B gone
Runaround B gone
First time in my life
My timing’s dead on!

Repeat Chorus
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