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Stopped to have a few at five now you're crossing that center line for the third time
Second time like this this week had a friend ask you for your keys
You said 'no I'm fine'
You sure do act like you don't got a thing to lose
But every car you pass might be the one's you take with you

You'd give your last breath to your wife
Take a bullet for your kids
Lay your life down for your country for your Jesus for your friends
There's a whole lot of things you say you're living for
You've got to fight it somehow, stop and turn around
'Cause this ain't nothin' to die for

So what's the harm in a little fun
'Cause you're off to work before the sun everyday

And the inbox outbox locks you in and the money you make ain't worth the time you spend to make your pay
The doctor says 'man your numbers they don't lie'
The graveyard's full of folks that didn't have time to die


Straight through that guardrail up into that white light
You hear a sweet voice saying just this side of the other side
Just this side of the other side

You'd give your last breath to your wife take a bullet for your kids lay your life for your country for me and all your friends theres alot you say your living for you got to fight it some how, stop and turn around cause this ain't nothing to die for
Ain't nothin' to die for
Nothin' to die for
Ain't nothin' to die for

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Tim' Recovery from alcoholism | Reviewer: Cindy | 5/11/13

Tim has over 3 years sober and he wrote this song about his realizations of where drinking could and would take him (and possibly other people if he drove drunk. If you've ever fought the battle with the bottle then you that drinking yourself to death is not worth dying for. In the song he states what he would die for. Congrats to Tim for 3 years sober!!

whats is the song about | Reviewer: anthony winget | 8/28/12

this song from tim mcgraw is pretty good song. this song is about a guy lying down his life for all of us. i am greatful for our soliders laying there lives for us and our freedom. we love you soliders

It is not worth dying for | Reviewer: Jackie | 8/20/09

My husband passed this last february 14th from an auto accident at the age of 50 without seeing his two chidren marry or have grandchildren, due to alcohol and the words of Tim Mcgraw are so true. He was a good man but just didn't think about this. I hope everyone will remember this song.

Nothing To Die For | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

The first time I heard the song, I truly felt that Tim was saying that this man believed and lived for his family, friends and country. Yet, somehow he allows himself to fall prey to alcohol. That time of impairment is nothing to die for.

It's about.... | Reviewer: ferc savo | 3/18/09

How stupid we humans are Well that's too general. It's about a guy who has things that he says he lives for, things that make life really worth living, things that /are/ worth dying for, but he over stresses himself in his job from "before the sun everyday", even thought the money isn't worth the time he uses to make it, and the doctor tells him that this stress isn't good for him, but he pushes onward, "So what's the harm in a little fun?" He goes to the bar, and gets drunk. His friend asks for his keys but he says "no, i'm fine" and drives home. This is the second time this week that he's 'crossing the center line' potentially taking someone elses' life along with his own. Tim McGraw is telling him that this isn't worth it. He needs to fight his pride and stop and turn around because this bit of fun to release from the stress of the job is NOT the way life is supposed to work, and the things that you are willing to die for are that, this is not worth dying for. Well he doesn't realize this in time, goes through a guard rail, and enters the white light where a voice calls him from the other side. This song should make us realize what is and isn't worth dying for, where our focus really should be, and to know when you aren't ok. If you don't realize it you may hurt yourself or others. This song is genius btw

what deos it mean | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

i have listend to this song many times and am reviewing the lyrics and i still dont completey understand what does this song mean? whats it really about? now dont get me wrong its a very good song one of my favorites but should it be if i dont really understand it i dont know but regardless i still think that this song is a very good one done by a very talented artist one of my favorite artists :) but i still wonder what its all about

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