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Joss Stone Nothing Takes The Place Of You Lyrics

Last updated: 10/04/2012 03:54:22 PM

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I moved your picture
From my walls
And I replaced them
Both large and small

And each new day
Finds me so blue
Nothing nothing
Takes the place of you

I read your letters
One by one
And I still love you
When it's all said and done

And oh, my darling,
I'm so blue
Because nothing, oh nothing
Takes the place of you

I, I write this letter
It's raining on my window pane
and I feel the need of you
Because without you
Nothing seems the same

So I'll wait
Until you're home in my arms
And, again I'll love you
Yes I will
But I'm all alone
I'm all alone

And oh my darling
I'm so blue
Because nothing
Oh nothing, could take the place of you.

Mmm... Nothing baby... Nothing...

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