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wham! Nothing Looks The Same In The Light Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2013 05:14:25 PM

I watch you breathe,
I cannot sleep,
I touch your hair,
I kiss your skin,
And hope the morning sun won't wake you too soon.
For when you wake,
and look at me,
You never know,
you just might see,
Another boy who crept in your room...
Take your time...(that's what you told me),
Take your time...
But I fell head first, and I just don't know what to do.

Nothing looks the same in the light,
Only a fool like me would take to heart,
The things you said you meant last night.
Nothing looks the same in the light,
I'll keep my feet firm on the ground.
Nothing looks the same in the light,
There's danger in a stranger,
With a warm hand and a kiss so right.
Nothing looks the same in the light,
It's been a pleasure, - see you around...

I watch the sun,
upon the sheets.
I hear a car,
out on the street,
And gently pull you close, it's over too soon.
What can I do,
but wait and see,
Hold on to you,
please stay with me,
Because you're the first, and I want to stay here with you.

(Repeat Chorus to Fade)
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Amazing! | Reviewer: Lindsay | 5/18/13

It has a seductive aura, at the same time it presents the fact that nothing is always what it seems to be. But man this song is beautiful, like those mornings you wake up a bit before dawn with you lover asleep at your side and you feel it is just you two in this world.

Two Separate Lyrics | Reviewer: GKOALA7 | 10/26/12

First off, I love this song. I love George Michael's (apostrophe "S", not plural form, where most people make the grievous error) voice in all stages of his life and career. I just recently rediscovered that song has two sets of lyrics. The ones posted here are correct. However, there is another, lesser known, set of lyrics that even George Michael's main webpage doesn't post. There are a total of four (4) lines that are not included in any lyrics that I've searched for. I would gladly submit those lyrics if I could understand what he were singing in two (2) of the lines that are not included here. If ANYONE knows what I am talking about, or, especially, if you have worked closely with George Michael and/or Andrew Ridgeley -- being that this is a Wham! song -- it would be greatly appreciated if you could, please, post those lyrics. That is, of course, if you know what I am talking about. The only two lyrics that I do understand are "Please be kind... Don't change your mind..." The other two (2) lines, which, to me are incoherent immediately precede these lines. Well, thank you to whomever can solve this mystery for me.