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Note To Self:

Two roads split off from here,
and my life goes running in opposite directions.
Exaggerating the barrier between who I am,
and who I want to be.

I wanted to be that breath of fresh air,
When everything smelled so insincere.
But this taste still lingers in my mouth,
Deceit has ways of sticking around.
And I'm ready to disappear,
Vacation seems far(seems far) from here.

Note to self:
I miss you terribly.
This is what
we call a tragedy.
Come back to me,
Come back to me,
To me.

Note to self:
I miss you terribly.
This is what
we call a tragedy.
Come back to me,
back to me,
To me.

I can feel my mind
wandering again.
Into where I dont know,
and will I ever get home?
Time starts moving
faster than I can.
And I'm sick of this scene;
I need to break the routine.

Two roads...
Split off from here,
and my life goes running in opposite directions.
Exaggerating the barrier between who I am
and who I want to...

Which part of me is left?
I feel so close,
and yet I am so far.
Which part of me is lost?
I feel so close,
and yet I am so.... FAR!!!

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Relief | Reviewer: Lex | 9/25/14

Wow you guys were amazing. Sonny, you should really get back to your roots. ;) I forgot how much talent existed a few years ago, seems like most of it got muddled up in-between all the garbage that was popular around that time. Few managed to survive, and eventually the whole genre burned out. I wish your talent was more appreciated, because songs like this dont come around often. This song is deep and honest, two things that simply don't exist in 2014.

yes | Reviewer: derp | 5/4/13

i love this song it got me threw hard times at home and at school and all of that crappy school drama i love skrillex/sonny and all that he does and i shall nevar loose faith in this hawt nice cute humble goofball.

Whoa. | Reviewer: Maria Godlovesyou | 9/9/11

I was shuffling through an iPod I found in by big brother's room that belongs to his friend, an it came to this song. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was listening to, but as soon as I heard
"I can feel my mind
wandering again.
Into where I dont know,
and will I ever get home?
Time starts moving
faster than I can.
And I'm sick of this scene;
I need to break the routine."
I though "what is this angelic sound and how does the singer know exactly what I feel?". I seriously sat here and listened to this song for half an hour. My life is a broken record. Everyday is the same. I have various addictions that I wish I didn't. The addictions aren't drugs or alcohol, or anything serious, but they seriously go against my ethics and I was to be rid of them. I'm sick of this scene. I need to break this routine. I think I just found the tattoo I've been looking for for 3 years. Too bad I have to wait another 3 to get it.

What's happening to music? | Reviewer: Martin | 12/23/10

Let me start off saying this song is epic! This song is one of my favorites. FFTL is awesome 'nuff said. My problem is the bands that are big right now. For example, asking Alexandria. They're music is bland and generic and 80% of their album consists of pure break downs. Is this what post-hardcore is coming to? Please, people, help me stop the fucking breakdowns!

amazing, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/10

I am now proud to say I have this song lyrics tattooed on me. It fits me and everything i went through so perfectly not to mention it was the soundtrack of my teenage years and it holds the memories of everything i went through <3

drugs | Reviewer: d0m | 11/11/09

I've been battling addiction for a couple years now and the only true help I've received is from this song. im not a huge FFTL fan, but this song is one of my favs from any band. these words have put things into perspective like nothing else ever could. like music should.

obvious | Reviewer: tiffycake | 5/27/09

Ok FFTL is and will be an awesome band..but for most people it was sonny that made then love it Haha he was hot yes but that shouldnt be the main reason you "love" something because of physical appearances..there music was/is really awesome but i have to say everything they did with sonny was what made me really love the band FFTL not that they have a new vocals..they've gotten strangely softer and its not as hmm...twisted as it used to be (if youve seen the note to self, or heroine video compared to there 1st video they did with the new vocals u kno wat i mean) but still pretty awesome band :D x <3 4ev

Most amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/09

I recently moved to Florida from Pennsilvania and was forced to leave someone whom I can't stand to be without. He and I love this song so much because it fits so well with so many of our issues. And we always text the lyrics to each other when we miss one another.

I miss you terribly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/09

The first time I heard this song was such a great experience,this song helped me get into the music I'm into now. I believe the most powerful part about this song is when they sing "Note to self,I miss you terribly. This is what we call a tragedy. Come back to me,come back to me,to me." It shows that they both can relate to it and they feel the same way

I love this! | Reviewer: Maryam | 12/31/08

This song is really awsome it has agaony written on it...and the drums and the last of the part of the song just caught me up..made me feel like thats soo true!
cause i always feel im close ot my self but im so far from my self........i just love this song, it just shows me...

amazing.. | Reviewer: Jessy | 12/22/08

wow ...
this song is amazing. i don't know what to say.
i'm speechless and i can't breathe everytime i listen to from first to last. <3
and Note To Self is so ingenious..the lyrics, the voices, it matches perfectly together. the whole song makes me cry. full of emotions. i have to think about my soulmate which i've kills me. and the lyric : "note to self i miss you terribly . this is what we call a tragedy. come back to me." is just amazing. x3

Gah. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

This holds a ton of meaning for me. Me and my fiancee had been dating for a couple years, and he always said 'Emily' was ou song. It fit since my names Emily, and he said everything Sonny said in the song, he felt and meant as well. Then, when the wedding got called off over some stupid jealousy issues on his part, I never got over it. I guess From First to Last will always be painful for me to listen to. But this one song in particular hurts a great deal, but it always makes me put my life in perspective and live life to the fullest. From First To Last = <3

11/10/2.008 | Reviewer: cris | 10/11/08

This song is really amazing. I love how the guys are in total harmony. =] Plus I love Sonny's hair, its purly gorgeous. And Im sorry to say some of you sound pathetic, "omg Sonny is soo hot, I love them soo much." those are only two but still I doubt you actually know the band so you cant love them, their music yes, but not them. =/
Awsome music

Um | Reviewer: what's it to you? | 7/19/08

Obviously I love this song.
I think it fits me, and people who are just sort of directionless.
I like really trying to understand songs, and feeling what the song writer felt when they wrote it. But every time I truly come close to understanding this song and this meaning it's so painful it makes me want to go insane.
Yeah. This song has a lot of pain.

note to self | Reviewer: Manny Lococo | 7/12/08

sonny WAS from first to last. and without him, fftl will never put on another good show again.
There not one bit hardcore and sonny has an iconic voice. and i dont think the matt dude will ever put on dance moves like him haha =D <- get to that shit

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