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Hannah Montana Not This Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 06/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

I know (I know),
There will be those days
I wanna hide under my pillow, yeah
And I'm sure, (I'm sure)
That the clouds will come,
And try to rain on my parade,
But, I won't let that get me down,
I'll laugh until the sun comes out

Thanks to Laura Ingalls for submitting Not This Girl Lyrics.

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Ok retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/12

Alright retards you do know that Miley can't see what you wrote due to the fact that she doesn't go on this page right? Actually, I'd never heard of it, I just couldn't go on Metro Lyrics because they didn't have this song on Hannah's page. So, yeah, you retards, think before you speak and/or type!!

jessica 21/08/94 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

hey miley why didnt you make this an actual song ? I love it like I love your show....:) I listen to your songs I love one in a million cause I had a relationship problem but I just sang that song and it got me through it :) whooooooh love all your songs n I love your show hannah Montana =D can't wait for the new shows of hannah Montana!.....=]

why not | Reviewer: Monica | 3/18/08

hey miley why didnt you make this a real song? i thought i was really good! by the way i love your show its always been my dream to play on it... well when it came out april 24... anyways i love you and your song!!! xD

cool | Reviewer: Jolie Robarts | 6/15/07

You're songs are awsome.In hanna montana are you codys girlfriend