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Eleanor McEvoy Not Quite Love Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2001 12:08:44 AM

It isn't quite love
it isn't quite romance
But what ever it is
It's worth a chance
And if we close our eyes
We can always pretend
If it's not love,
That's not the end

It isn't quite love
I cannot deny
But still here it is
It's worth a try
And if I expected more
Life doesn't work that way
So if it's not love
That's quite okay.

How often have we cried, for love that died
Our tumbled pride on the floor
So let's take care, of our affair
And let's not dare ask for more

It isn't quite love
it isn't quite romance
Still, here it is
It's got to be worth a chance
Let's close our eyes
Let's pretend
It's not quite love,
You're quite a friend

It's not quite love
But it's worth a chance

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