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Demon Hunter Not I Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2010 11:00:00 AM

So now you're suffering the fallacy of what you said
When you uncover the depression from where you've tread
Breathe over the glass you wrote on
Swallow all that you waste your throat on
You wear the mark and wave the banner they made with sin
Revealing every single lie that you've been breeding within
Wash over the skin you've broken
Think over the tone you spoke in

So lost in your affliction / addiction
The solemn comfort of your grave
If you close your eyes the light can't take it away

Not I - I won't conform to what I see in you
Not I - I won't surrender what I am
Not I - And even if it was a part of me
Not I - I'll never be that way again

The blind will follow on the path that you created in vain
No guiding light, but just the shadow of the dead will remain
Dig open the pain you're hiding
Give your hand to the faith you're fighting
The void you suffer is a curse forever bleeding inside
Now you embrace the fatal sickness you should despise
Remember the day you lost that
Where is the shame that will bring your soul back



Reach back behind your pride
And pull the thorn from the burning pain in your side

Sing me a new song
A broken song of redemption and regret
Sing me a new song
And beg for all the mercy you can get


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Perfect For that light/darkness feeling | Reviewer: Tim Brizzell | 4/15/10

Alright so Yes i am a christian. Looking for some decent metal that isnt blasting off f'bombs. I love this song and it's perfect when you feel like your sinning and need to get back on track. My favorite lines are these:Remember the day you lost that
Where is the shame that will bring your soul back. it's the perfect example of what i just said.

woow | Reviewer: JawS | 4/12/10

I had a friend a little while ago.
We were both atheists, but now I'm christian.
I tried to convince her Jesus is the way, but she wouldn't listen.
Now her life's broken. And I'm really sorry we're no longer friends.
But this song really tells how i feel.
Like: open your eyes! Don't you see what you're doing?
This song roooocks!! and so does Demon Hunter!!

Whoa. | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/28/10

I must have listened to this song fifty times by now, and it still remains my favorite of all time. I couldn't exactly tell what Ryan Clark was uhh..."saying" before, but I got the overall message. Now I realize that this song really embodies everything Demon Hunter is about. This is an amazing song to listen to when you find yourself wavering between light and dark and it kicks ass.

Holy shit. | Reviewer: Auralynn | 10/1/08

One of my close friends was talking about this band like it put stars in the sky. I finally remembered to listen to a song called 'Not I'.

Oh. My. God.

This song is amazing! I can't believe it. It's been a while since a song REALLY got a beat in me. I was so pissed off when I couldn't find a copy for my MySpace.

Demon Hunter- Not I review | Reviewer: Christian Metalhead | 8/11/08

Now this song shows that not all christian music is pop or pop/rock and rap bullshit.

It lyrics actually greatly tells what to do- sing a new sing to Lord, and ask for all the mercy, cuz Ur gonna need that, punk!

Wow. | Reviewer: Royce | 1/9/08

This song. Amazing. I rock hard to this song and it's the kind of thing I could get pumped up over. Keep it up, Demon Hunter. Your music's on fuckin' fire.

Demon Hunter: | Reviewer: Mike | 11/26/07

This band is kickass and this song is so awesome and this song got me into Demon Hunter, Keep up the Kickass music Demon Hunter!

penis | Reviewer: aaron | 8/25/07

i love it. no wonder it was on the top metal hits on music choice for a while. amazing. it got me into the whole band. just this 1 song. great ;)

demon hunter | Reviewer: Mickey B | 6/19/07

this song is great, everything about it is great, the lyrics esspecially, love it like fat kids love cupcakes. top song