Norma Jean Band Albums

  • Wrongdoers Album (8/6/2013)
    Hive Minds
    If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty
    The Potter Has No Hands
    Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes
    The Lash Whistled Like A Singing Wind
    Neck In The Hemp
    Funeral Singer
    Sun Dies, Blood Moon

  • Meridional Album (7/13/2010)
    Leaderless And Self Enlisted
    The Anthem Of The Angry Brides
    Deathbed Atheist
    A Media Friendly Turn For The Worse
    Blood Burner
    High Noise Low Output
    Falling From The Sky: Day Seven
    Everlasting Tapeworm
    The People That Surround You On A Regular Basis
    Innocent Bystanders United
    Bonus Tracks
    Kill More Presidents
    Distance To Planets

  • The Anti Mother Album (8/5/2008)
    Vipers, Snakes, And Actors
    Self Employed Chemist
    Birth Of The Anti Mother
    Robots 3 Humans 0
    Death Of The Anti Mother
    Surrender The Sons
    Murphy Was An Optimist
    Opposite Of Left And Wrong
    ...Discipline Your Daughters
    And There Will Be A Swarm Of Hornets

  • Redeemer Album (9/12/2006)
    A Grand Scene For A Color Film
    Blueprints For Future Homes
    A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest
    A Temperamental Widower
    The End Of All Things Will Be Televised
    Songs Sound Much Sadder
    The Longest Lasting Statement
    Amnesty Please
    Like Swimming Circles
    Cemetery Like A Stage
    No Passenger: No Parasite

  • O' God The Aftermath Album (3/1/2005)
  • Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child Album (8/13/2002)

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