Nonpoint Lyrics

Elias Soriano- vocals, Andrew Goldman - guitar, Robb
Rivera- drums, KB - bass.

Brace yourself for Nonpoint. Crushing, devastating,
hypnotic and brutal, this south Florida quartet is the
newest ? and likeliest ? contender for the metal throne.
Three years of bashing around the state?s seediest
establishments has garnered Nonpoint a massive regional
following, all under the radar of the glitzy Miami dance
scene. Nonpoint's fans have come out of the woodwork to
support a new kind of metal, and it's not about sunny South
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Review about Nonpoint songs
awesome!! | Reviewer: Rachel groves
    ------ About the song What A Day performed by Nonpoint

seen them live at burbon street in new port richey florida...they rocked 5 years ago and they still rock now! hopefully they can tour down here again! i would love to see them at rockfest!

Awesome song. | Reviewer: mishler
    ------ About the song Endure performed by Nonpoint

Remembered this song from a decade ago probably (seems like it at least) out of nowhere and started singing it again. Found it via this site - it's a great way to get through the work day! Very inspirational.

amazing... | Reviewer: Renee
    ------ About the song Alive And Kicking performed by Nonpoint

i absolutely love the whole meaning of the song. i think these guys are so f*ng awesome. I feel like they're singing to me and i can feel all the hurt..all the love and the hate...i love you guys!!!!

rocket sauce | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Alive And Kicking performed by Nonpoint

helps me get through my day with this track :) especially if there's someone who's trying to bring you down. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. & its when that day comes, you shove it right back into their sorry faces :)

can't get enough | Reviewer: card
    ------ About the song Alive And Kicking performed by Nonpoint

when i listen to this song it reminds me of all the bulls*** my father but me through. eventhough he didn't love me i turned great with a loving family of my own. so no matter what anyone is going through this song just give you energy to surpass all the bull. Thanks NONPOINT for writting something for everyone in any situation.

What A Day | Reviewer: steve
    ------ About the song What A Day performed by Nonpoint

A friend of mine from St Louis got me listening to em. And yeah this is one of the best songs I have heard in a while....although most their shits great. But the live version of this song is INSANE!!!! If you can get your hands on their live so, and miss a meal that day if you need!

Pure 10 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Alive And Kicking performed by Nonpoint

This song could apply for so many things in life rather than just a break up, cause limiting its awesomeness to just that is an insult. Andy Goldman is fuckin' sick on the guit in this song!


confused | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Victim performed by Nonpoint

Kick ass song, but when I listen to my version of Victim, I don't hear basically any of the lyrics. It has some of the verses, but they are not in the right place, and there is a lot in the song that I don't see in this.

wow, sounds familiar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Alive and Kicking performed by Nonpoint

this song is sick two days ago i wrote a rap about how i could see clearer after being broken
and then i heard this song. this only reinforces my feelings. i just have to throw in that you guys should look up hedpe, sage francis, atmosphere, living legends, aesop rock, eyedea & abilities, and last but definatly not least blackalicious

fuckin sweet man | Reviewer: marshall
    ------ About the song What a Day performed by Nonpoint

this song is so fuckin awsom man i got all there albums and there is nothin bad about nonpoint they stay true to there roots unlike any of the othe bands that havee ever started they make one or two good albums then pure fuckin shit but nonpoint is true 100% of the mother fuckin way and i will love them till the day that i die rock on nonpoint

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