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Nine Inch Nails Non-Entity Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2010 11:00:00 AM

The sky is not the same shade of blue
Every single thing
I believe isn't true
Missing in a maze of monochrome
How did I get here
How can I go home?

The echos in my eyes
Of all they used to see
Burning down the world
The ashes and debris
And all that's left of me

Try to stand in line
Try to obey
The ghosts of what I was keep getting in the way
Staring at the sun
Blinded by the light
Now I'm afraid I'm fading out of sight

The echos in my eyes
Of all they used to see
Burning down the world
Ashes and debris
And all that's left of you
And all that's left of me
All have washed away

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papman | Reviewer: kevin butler | 4/15/10

think all nin releases amazing,but low point for me had to be with teeth.but lose three of the worst songs,include-non entity-not so pretty now and angels and yould have another classic album.too many same ish tempo and slow style tracks on the album.that said he never released a poor album.i had tears in my eyes watching last british performance at trent,robin,justin,charlie,danny,josh,allesandro,chris, guys rocked live.

haley kay | Reviewer: haley kay | 4/19/09

love nin i find them very inspireing (for my painting)nin is always giving me new a world to step in and out of they're music is something else ..i find it is very conectted to nature and that in itself makes me daydream for hours...i think my favorite thing about nin is they're music not the lyrics.(love the lyrics of course) i enjoy the sounds that are made and the awkwardness of how the songs are laid out <3

Non-entity | Reviewer: mattie simas | 6/29/07

Non-entity is the kind of some that sinks right in. I'm not surprised trent has a mesmerizing voice. But it's the compassion in the words that make this song. And I like the simple fact that it's a slow song.
I can't think of anything that trent does that i don't love and this song is no exception.
Trent is a musical genius and i hope he continues to put out great music. LOVE you trent!

gorgeous | Reviewer: Emily | 6/20/07

I love this song. It so should have made it onto an album! n3xus is right - I first heard Non-Entity on the Beside You In Time DVD and it blew me away.

Excelent! | Reviewer: n3xus | 3/4/07

If you dig this song you have to check out the version thats on Live Beside You In Time. I first heard this redone version @ Red Rocks in May of 06 and barely recognize it compared to the benefit version. Much better than a piano and a boombox.

just......... | Reviewer: erik | 2/13/07

M just heard this song bout a week ago. i like it nice and slow, could use a bit more music/sounds.Maybe, if lucky, it would be relaesed on the YEAR ZERO album this year, cant wait for it!!!!!!

"rabid fan" Trent Reznor quote | Reviewer: saffron | 6/30/06

I first heard this song at the show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Rumour has it that it was one of the songs that did not make it onto With Teeth. I wish I knew why. I love it, but then again there is nothing that Trent has done that I don't like. Wait, not true, I don't like one song but it is a cover so it isn't really his anyway. I do hope that non-entity will be released at some point so that I have a good version of it rather than the download from the net. I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it. I hope Trent continues to give us many more years of great music.