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Nobody move Nobody get Hurt 4x

she waiting at the light i got 8 seconds or less
To decide am i finna walk or ride
I slide up and put the barrel to her neck and scoot bitch
Im driving now we in pursuit of your loot bitch
Im dirty wicked for the bank roles and bad hoes
See me lurkin in the shadows ta had those
Got some nickleplatted heavy and loaded
Leave a hole in your face but the back of your dome exploded
Nobody move nobody gets cut the fuck up
And chopped down we poppin off rounds
Fuck you we aint pullin over in a stolen nova
With a nock nock whos there its some bullets comin over
Mack 1-0 shaggy 2 dope and violent j with hearts full of wickedtry
Bitch fuck what you sayin im pluggin one in your cranium
Put two in my pockets like the rhythm of my world do shit cant stop it
Nobody move
Chorus 2x
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
(Just fill the bags)
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
(Dont make me bust yo ass)
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
(Ill put two thru ya like Kabooya blast)

It aint shit for me to keep it gangster on minds
The pile of coke got me froze but i can use another line
This is a jack move a noted imma take what i find
And this revolver close range will sure to blow your mind
I got some homies from the D claimin ICP
But im the chicken hawk how they gonna chicken hunt without me
Peep game did i show you how to put it down proper
First chicken in the door and wave the fo like big papa
Take the whole place for the stash spot
And tell em one false move they get they ass shot
And if something do move you gotta spit rounds and hit it
You drench the place with Faygo let them know the clowns did it
Nobody tell cause we shut a snitch up if its a brod
Get some JUGGALETTES to roll the bitch up
So make no mistakes this is the two one one
Jay Shaggs and Mack 10 will make your crew run run

Chorus 2x

Blast mutha fucker blast blast blast blast
Slugs in your bitch ass my aim sucks
So i bust point blank robbery in progress First National Bank
Im fuckin shoot first shoot second shoot third
Then i drop whoevers left spreadin through securitie's vests
Nobody move in the club when we walk in
They all just freeze terrified of my crew just hawking us
But you all can just relax line up like some bitches drop your money in the sack
Partys over hoes get they jelly blown out like titties
And i blast these stupid hero idiots movin on me thinkin they will save the day
With joni seals there graves away so put your mutha fuckin face in the floor
And if you move but dont then its your head and my bullets in a all out war

Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Nobody move Nobody get Hurt

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------ Performed by ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

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------ 11/23/2014

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