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Nina Nastasia Nobody Knew Her Lyrics

Last updated: 06/04/2004 08:45:54 PM

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Bradley comes home from school
He looks happier today than any other day
He won't go out with me
I don't care if i never see his face
Sometimes i wanna get out of here

Everyone's talking about you
Behind the gym, they're sharing cigarettes
Drinking beer out of coke-cans
They're saying "what a waste"
You must have been lonely
Tearing down pacific coast highways

Bradley, bradley
I think you got away
Bradley, bradley
Oh, i think you got away

Someone found a blue board
Twisted up glass all around
There was a girl with you
Nobody knew her

Your stepdad was called in
To say he recognized you
Everyone knew you
They said it was a waste
Said it was a waste

Bradley, bradley
I think you got away
Bradley, bradley
I think you got away

Everyone's back where they started
No-one wants to talk about it
This dares to say
You weren't here

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