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As I was slowly passin' an orphan's home one day

I stopped there for a moment just to watch
the children play

Alone a boy was standin' and when I asked
him why

He turned with eyes that couldn't see and he began to cry

I'm nobody's child....2X
Just like
a flower I'm growing wild
No mommy's kisses and no daddy's

Nobody wants me
I'm nobody's child

people come for
children and take them for their own

But they all seem to pass me and l'm left here all alone

I know they'd like to take me but when they see I'm blind

They always take some other child and I'm
left behind

I'm nobody's child....2X
Just like
a flower I'm growing wild
No mommy's kisses and no daddy's

Nobody wants me
I'm nobody's child

No mommy's arms to hold me or soothe me
when I cry
Sometimes it gets so lonely here I wish that I
could die

I'll walk the streets of heaven where all the
blinds can see

And just like all the other kids there'd be a
home for me

I'm nobody's child....2X
Just like
a flower I'm growing wild
No mommy's kisses and no daddy's

Nobody wants me,
I'm nobody's child

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sentimental | Reviewer: Ann | 9/15/14

This was my dads favourite song and when I was young I used to lie in my bed on a Saturday night while my parents had a wee drink and they would play all their old records. I always ended up crying, I mean actually sobbing my heart out feeling so sorry for this poor wee blind boy and I was so fretful I had my mummys kisses and my daddy smile. It taught me empathy from a very young age. My parents are dead now and sometimes I Brings me to tesometimes I lie in the dark and play this song on my fone and it still

How I met this song | Reviewer: Rebecca | 7/14/14

one day I was driving in my daddy's car and we broke down, and the music was playing. My nanny then began to sing this powerful song called 'Nobody's child' she cuddled me and sang, whilst I listened carefully to the words and they were amazing and so powerful. it meant so much to me and iv'e loved the song ever since.

precious memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/13

somewhere in the mid to late 1940's or very early '50's I heard hank williams sing it. For whatever reason I have over the years hummed or sang it to myself many, many, many dozens of times. I am not blind nor any of my many many relatives and our children. I am so fortunate. I don't know why I do. perhaps just a mood, or thankfulness.It has always been a favorite, as have been so many from hank. november 28,2013 I will be eighty years old. i have bushels of memories and this is a favorite,thanks to luke the drifter. leonard jobe, boyd county kentucky.

Touching song... | Reviewer: Bahama Mama | 4/28/13

As a child, I always felt so sad when I heard the lyrics and wondered about the blind boy in the orphanage. There is a Bahamian version of this song(actually the only version I have heard, but I know it is a cover). I was so young, but I would always picture a lonely lil boy, but I always loved the melody of the song. Even now as an adult I still feel sad when I hear it. I have never added it to my list of performance songs, because I always felt I could not control my emotions, but I'm adding it to it now, and if I cry then I just cry...

CryBaby | Reviewer: Silverara | 4/18/13

I first sang this song to my son when he was very small. I sang it as a lullaby as he was going to bed. My son was just old enough to understand the words. He burst into tears and sobbed throughout - maybe it was my singing! - but at the end, and after he had recovered himself a little, he said, "Again!", and the same scenario ensued. We followed this routine for quite some nights. I don't know what this says about my parenting! He's 13 now, and as I started singing the song again, his memories of that time came flooding back, and we had a little smile about it. Meanwhile, his therapy is going well......

The world's unwanted children | Reviewer: Mama | 2/24/13

I remember this song from my childhood. I grew up, married, had 5 wonderful, healthy children. I got divorced. I love my kids more than my own life. I am so grateful that my children grew to adulthood, and missed those 'kiddie cuddle and play' moments - so I became a fostermum. I live MY children, including ny little fosterdaughter who is going blind through a congenital condition. If you have room in your heart, and room in your home, please, please, please - consider giving love and care to another child.

rememberance.. | Reviewer: John Craig | 12/29/12

I was fostered too a family, as a child of 12-16mths old, for long term fostering. The head of the family "my Dah", as he was 2 become, was registered blind. I became his seeing eye dog. So this song is very poingnant.

Memories of my childhood | Reviewer: Joanna bray | 10/19/12

I always thought my dad had made this song up.. He use to sing it to us when we were children.. Now I have my own little girl I wanted to sing it to her but could only remember some parts of it... Well anyway my dad has died now so I thought I'd never know the words .. My partners mum was here an I was telling her all about it.. She only starts singing the song... Turns out my dad hasn't made it up .. So I googled it an here it is .. It now sends my little girl asleep when I sing it to her.. So much more sad now I'm an adult reading the words xx

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/12

This song brings back so many memories for me. My mum told me I sung this song from the age of 2. She came into the living room one morning and I was sitting in front of an empty fireplace singing it with all my heart. Every year at family gatherings at the New Year when everybody sung their 'party piece' I was always urged to sing it again. Oh how I miss the gatherings and now my Mum is no longer with us, it brings back precious memories. 'Memories live longer than dreams'

no bodys child | Reviewer: Leslie E Madison jr | 6/1/12

My dad played with hank sr in the 50s he worte that song and sold it to him. How ever he never used it.but it did get a lot of replays by others. And in 1967 hank jr put it on his album my own way. It went gold. And he gave it to my dad on the stage of the grand ole opera.

Nobody's Child | Reviewer: Joanne C | 4/7/12

My Dad often sings old songs - and this is one of them. It makes me sad because my Dad doesn't have his mum and dad around anymore and in effect he's nobody's child. I think the sone is evocative and touches my heart every time he sings it and makes me thankful for my lot - for my family.

So Much Said in One Song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/12

I spent a few years as a professional singer.
Nobody's Child was one of the songs I sang. What was different about it was the fact that no matter how often I gang it. It never failed to make me totally emotional and to effect the audience in the same way.

It sends more than one message that we can all better our selves with if we take the time to listen to others.

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