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"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
That something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above

So the good boys and girls take the so called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits
Maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can't find the answers
And all of our parents
They're getting older
I wonder if they've wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I am invincible (x3)
As long as I'm alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above

I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for

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The Perfect Senior Year Song | Reviewer: :) | 9/9/13

It's my senior year so this song speaks to me on a whole other level. It reminds me to take a breath and enjoy now. I only have one more year to actually enjoy high school and having to go face this so called "real world" (which I do agree that I don't think it exists, you're already in the real world as long as you're alive so live it, you can die even when you're in high school before you get to this "real world", can't you? it would be even more unfortunate if you spent it only planning for a time that you never got to and didn't actually live life, wouldn't it? harsh but true, I've seen it happen). This is especially important to me now since I'm constantly stressed about college plans and school and it helps me relax and get back to reality and what I want to do with my life, not what I'm "supposed to do". It worked for John pretty well didn't it? Thank you John Mayer :)

WoW | Reviewer: Cooper | 6/13/11

Even though it reflects our views on life, it doesn't tell us what happens which blows my mind b/c everything tries to tell us what to do how to act, when to grow up, how to be ourselves, we're the only ones who can do that, and this song helps you think for yourself

"Only 2 kinds of people in the world, those who think there are only 2 kinds, and those whoaren't idiots"

"No Such Thing" That's what I thought. | Reviewer: valeria | 4/12/11

I was in car accident about 4 months ago. I was listenign to John Mayer No Such Thing, and wow I thought to myself There's NO SUCH THING as me getting in a car accident at my age, 17. It was so surreal. and when i went to listen to the lyrics it talks about living your life, don't follow other peoples advice on what they want for you. but instead of what you want for yourself. This song talked to me that I should live the now, live it to the fullest because you nerver know when your life could be over. Thank you JM.<3 oh. and for the record. The accident wasn't my fault, i was driving very responsibly. just incase people who read this think i was doing something stupid and thats why i got into a car accident. But no. -__-

I Want To Scream At The Top Of My Lungs | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 1/13/11

Im a freshman in highschool &this song just helps me remeber what is more important to me. Its not about what people want you to do or what other people think you should do, its about you &your thoughts &dreams. Everytime i hear this song i just want to go out &have fun &make these 4 years the best time of my life. To me i think thats what he was saying, not to plan ahead as much &live in the now.

So True! | Reviewer: Me | 12/11/10

This is a song identifies every teenager, see: We've all been told by our parents to stay grounded and face the "real world" where people finish college, get a job, marry, and kids.
My favorite part is definitely "And all of our parents, They're getting older, I wonder if they've wished for anything better" That's SO true! We see them with a "normal life" and we've all wondered if they haven't had dreams as kids, like... be something else, make their dreams come true, so they push us to be like them, but we don't want to be like them, and this song is to vent all those feelings and to make us see that there's no real world, and that we can make our world what we want of it.
Sorry if I made any mistake, I'm still learning :E

gee this is great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/10

I do really love John Mayer!i think he does have a BIG heart above all singers in industry.I just amazed by his lyrics of this certain thought about parent getting older and i felt his concern,.he really loves his parent and so do i,.I JUST WISH I HAD A CHANCE TO MEET HIM.,this is the best ever song he sang i've ever heard...Loveya keep it up


COOL JM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

this song was about John mayer's own's kinda story telling..and it was good!real cool song and realistic tho.
I do believe in No such things as a real just a lie you've got to rise above..i think John really loves his Mom and so do i..and He's only musicians who had thought about "Parents getting older and he wonders what they wished for anything makes sense!


well well | Reviewer: g | 10/7/10

Isnt it obvious? Think of your life as a ball of clay, it can be morphed and shaped, and made into many different things. But no matter how you shape it, its always going to be the same exact clay with the same weight. Which means, you can mold your own personal reality but it will always be part of One universal reality.

Run through the halls of my high school | Reviewer: Meg | 8/21/10

John Mayer went to my high school and I totally get what he is saying about plotting out your life and making it black and white in sophmore year we have to choose our "paths" but I have changed my 4 times. I want to run and tell everyone theres no black and white but every color imaginable. ItS stupid to choose when your 15-16.

In response to PTB on 2/4/10 | Reviewer: RJ | 6/29/10

There ISN'T a "real world", because there's no "fake world". All lifestyles are equally real. Some lifestyles aren't as common as others, but that doesn't make them any less "real." Which is what John Mayer was getting at and what the song's about. Teachers, professors, and parents might try to scare you with tales of “the real world” (i.e., "When you get out of college and enter the real world..."), but that one prescribed path (which usually involves college, marriage, and getting a "respectable job") they're talking about isn't any more worthy than, for example, the life of a musician. (And not everyone who doesn't live a normal life is a new-age hippie looking for "tranquility", so I don’t know what you’re getting at.)

In a world where things like college and marriage are put on a pedestal that they don't belong on, it's a brilliant song.

Just a lie we have to rise above.. | Reviewer: Sierra | 6/3/10

Everyone in life pretends, at least once. We conform and change, but our days are all numbered, so why waste them pretending? After recently losing my best friend/boyfirend, I was trying to decide on a good song for senior night next year. This one really stuck out to me because as we all graduate, we will leave and become new, different people. High school, and all the silly struggles that come with it, is over-rated. John is right. It's just a lie that each individual needs to rise above.

SONG | Reviewer: Mr. Knowledge | 5/28/10

To me this saying fuck conforming, ake your own way in life. See between the lines and prove them wrong. Enjoy life for what it is..and dont put everything up so high, like matieral things.

Real | Reviewer: Rocky | 5/25/10

I think it's about people who use the word "real" to discourage others from doing anything they don't approve of.

Yes, you have to be realistic to some extent. But you shouldn't shut off choices without even thinking about them just because they're unconventional. No-one has the authority to say what's "real" and what isn't for you.

It reminds me a bit of people who talk about "real Americans".

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/10

The song was written about himself when he was in highschool - he wanted to play his guitar for a living and his mum said he couldnt do it (like all parents who are simply concerned for their child's future). I can totally relate to this song, as can anyone who wants to make a living out of the creative industries...
Well, John sure did prove his mum wrong!

no such thing | Reviewer: anonymou$ | 5/20/10

i think this song is just saying there's more to life than being popular or dramatic or killing yourself to get an A. and that sometimes your parents don't know what's best for you. i think it's saying that you will succeed if your head and heart are in what you're doing.

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