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Editors No Sound But The Wind Lyrics

Last updated: 10/15/2013 07:30:58 AM

We can never go home
We no longer have one
I'll help you carry the load
I'll carry you in my arms
The kiss of the snow
The crescent moon above us
Our blood is cold
And we're alone
But I'm alone with you

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me to carry the fire
It will light our way forever

If I say shut your eyes
If I say look away
Bury your face in my shoulder
Think of a birthday
The things you put in your head
They will stay here forever
Our blood is cold
And we're alone, love
But I'm alone with you

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me to carry the fire
It will light our way forever

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Now help me to carry the fire
It will light up our way forever

If I say shut your eyes
If I say shut your eyes
Bury me in suprise
Where I say shut your eyes

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me carry the fire
It will light our way forever

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Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/13

Honestly, the soundtracks have been the only good part of the Twilight stuff for me. The only ever reason I wouldn't hate a new movie coming out was because it meant a new soundtrack coming out. This is one of the best pieces along with White Demon Love Song. Great songs both of them.

The Hunger Games | Reviewer: M | 5/15/12

I love this song and I heard it first when I listned to the twilght soundtrack. But now when i listned to it again after a very long time without listening to it as much as before, it hit me that the lyrics fit perfectly to the hunger games! I had not read the hunger games books when i found this song, but now i have and it is like the song is written for the books! Love the song even more now because of it, because i was never i hardcore twilight fan, but i love the hunger games! Can't stop listening to the song now haha

Really catching | Reviewer: Winnie | 4/14/12

This song makes me think of 2 special moments:
First it was performed on a Belgian festival in the summer of 2011, and the camera found a guy in the crowd, singing it with his eyes closed. Even when he noticed he was on the big screen, he didn't care and just lived the song.
The second time it hit me was after the horrible coach crash in Switzerland (March 2012), where 6 adults and 22 children of 12 years old from 2 Belgian schools died. One of our news channels made a compilation of the most catching images and used 'No sound but the wind' to accompany it. It was like this song was written for it. That voice, that music... Tears ran over my face. Beautiful!

the road | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

although this song was in "Twilight: New Moon", and although that was where i first heard it, this song is most definitely about "The Road". I must brag for just a moment.. I am sorry. But I really first associated this song with that book/movie first, because of the lyrics. I did not know that it was truly inspired by that novel. I am serious. It truly was, and I did not realize until today that I was correct.

So, in conclusion, this song is truly about a father and son confronting and living through an extreme hardship, where the father is telling his son gently that they may not survive, trying to tell his son to go on no matter what, and that he loves him. To me, this is even sadder than any love story this could relate to.

If you don't believe me, look up info on this song or watch/read "The Road". It is truly reflective of that story, 100%

my wedding song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/10

I heard this song on the soundtrack to my favorite movie and book The Twilight Saga. The moment I bought the cd (before the movie came out) I fell in love with this song and the singer. I looked up the Editors and fell in love with the band. My now husband heard the song and fell in love to it. We ended up using it as our first husband and wife dance. It made both of us cry and our guest. It truly is a beautiful song that many should grow and love.

Repeat Was Made For This Song | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/17/10

i ended up on this site by googling the lyrics for this song because i heard it in the New Moon Movie. I ended up using it in music for homework and my class was captivatedby the lyrics and haunting melody. This song makes me want to cry and as my title says- the repeat function on my ipod was made for this song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: An 11-Year-Old | 5/25/10

An amazing piece of music. It would be lovely to have this in the credits of Breaking Dawn/Pt. II as well as in New Moon. Takes my breath away every time I hear it - a gift that keeps on giving.

It is also suitable for Breaking Dawn because of the lyrics 'Our blood is cold' and 'Think of a birthday' because of Renesmee. No clues in case some people on here haven't read the books.

Gorgeous lyrics, accompanied by a steady beat in the background combien together for an amazing song. And yes I really am eleven. Big deal.

Read Corman McCarthy's "The Road" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

Clearly, this song is an homage to the brilliant novel "the Road". Some lines from the song (and the song title itself) are taken directly from the book. Bella and Edward should be so lucky to have it represent them. It may have been used in New Moon but it's true meaning is lost until you read "the Road".

The Best | Reviewer: emma | 3/10/10

This is a song that touches everyone's heart deeply. Somehow it brings back memories of a guy or girl you once loved. It made me dreamed and remember good times, forgetting everything around me.....

Wonderful | Reviewer: Katiedid | 12/30/09

These lyrics look about right.
This song is absolutely wonderful, even the version that isn't the New Moon one. The sound of it is undescribable and the lyrics are so perfect for New Moon.
It's definately Edward to Bella, I always thought it was perfect for Volterra scenes, walking out of the tunnel and waiting till night to leave the city.
But Chris put it such a well spot, too! Lovely.

hear worming | Reviewer: guest | 12/25/09

one of the best songs i've heared in my life.... It's definately about me and my sould mate. It's the feeling of a deep love and trust that unites two souls to walk on the path of life together. I the feeling is strong they will overcome all the 'bumps' that occur on their journey and remain forever connected.

perfect for new moon | Reviewer: Amelia | 12/9/09

Kirsten described the feeling of the song perfectly! The mix of hope and sorrow makes it perfect for new moon. Especially in the part of the movie they've put it. Bella feels hope and happiness about becoming a vampire but Edward feels sorrow, he doesn't want to take Bella's life away...

r0b!n | Reviewer: weijn | 12/3/09

This song reminds me of my first "crush".
I will always miss her smile , the way she spoke to me and the way her eyes sparkled .

Sarita, I miss you everyday and I think about what might have been had we ended up together .

No sound but the wind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/09

@Newmoonfan it was in new the last part while bella and edward are driving and jacob was in the middle of the road....this song is playing while they are driving and bella is talking about waiting till after graduation to be changed into a vampire.

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: New moon fan | 12/1/09

OMG, this made me cry so bad, im a 27 year old male and this gives me chills, heart warming and tears at the same time, makes me think of the woman i love damn i love it, should have been in new moon i loved that movie so bad