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Uncle Tupelo No Sense in Lovin' Lyrics

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I don't know what you've been through
You might think that I don't care
But I do
And I've tried to understand
I've tried to understand your abuse
But you've got no excuse
And there's no use in lovin'
Anyone who hates themself
You keep coming back
So I hold you for a little while
But I always go when I can't take your sad smile
'Cause I can't stand it when you get so intense
And it's all a part of our bad inheritance
And there's no sense in lovin'
Won't you come back for a while
You could see exactly what you've always meant to me
But you don't wanna know
You don't wanna know
And you don't know what I've been through
And if I think that you don't care
You probably do
And there's no sense in lovin'
Anyone who hates themself

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Tremendous Tune | Reviewer: Bob LoPresti | 4/21/2007

Are you kidding me, this song just tugs at my soul & won't let go. Ridiculously genius.

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Uncle Tupelo's finest? | Reviewer: Lewisham_Phil | 12/17/2004

Something of a sleeper at the back end of 'Anodyne', this is the Uncle Tupelo track I keep coming back to, on what is one of my favourite albums. The wonderful lap steel augments the melancholy perfectly, without becoming kitsch or maudlin. It is traditionally structured, with verse, chorus and middle eight, but not predictable.
Above all though it is a simply brilliant tune, which is really what it's all about, right?

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