No Secrets Lyrics

How they hooked up:

Carly: We've been friends, all of us all together, for a
Jessica: Angel and I have been friends for two or three
Jade: Erin and I are cousins, so we've been friends all our

How they got their name:

No Secrets: It's kind of a joke name. Carly and I made it
up. It came out of the name No Doubt and Victoria's Secret.
We grew to love it.


How long can you keep a secret? Well, if it has anything to
do with the five talented teens of no secrets, then the More...

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Reviews about No Secrets songs

sPeLIN 'n gRamr | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song On The Floor performed by No Secrets

thats not how to spell TONIGHT!!!! you spelled it tonite, its tonight!! everyone knows that! just saying! other than that it was great! i have their cd and i havn't listened to it in a while. But this song brought back memories!!!
as fall out boy says, Tnks fr the Mmrs!!!!

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