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Trina No Panties - (featuring Tweet) Lyrics

Last updated: 07/21/2005 11:00:00 AM

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[Chorus: Tweet]
No Panties comin' off
My love is gonna cost
Cuz aint no way that you gon'
get up in this for free

[Missy Elliott]

[Verse 1: Trina]
Look boo, what the deals?
You got my cash, 'fo u stick in here?
I know you be packin' the steel
But I cant suck ya dick and get my lipstick smeared
Fuck nigga dont be grabbin' my braids
You got some cash? Then I'm easily persuaded
Taste ass these un-sauteed
See I be cummin' all night & all day
I'm Miss Trina, sim seema
Fuck a beamer
Got me benz and some rims
Tinted windows and some tens
I'll tell you time again
I'm fine enough to even fuck your mans
Looky here Slim
Less go to South Beach let me speak
'Fo you fuck me you gone treat?
And put some Santinees' on my feet
Take me to the beach
Now crawl up in my wall real deep... OWW

[Chorus: Tweet]

[Missy Elliott]

[Verse 2: Trina]
Bitch you ain't gotta like me
Oh you his wifey? I think ya man like me
He had me in the car with his hands on my bra
Breathin in my face sayin (TRI-NA!!) OWW!!
I aint tryin to disrespect
Im just tryin to keep me in check
See I aint done yet
Shit - I'm the type of bitch
Break up happy homes like Trick
Slow mo
easy Joe
ya so and so
I'm a super woman ask Mo (u know)
The way I ride wood,
Super good
too good
And if your man won't you're daddy would,
Bitch understood Slip N Slide - Miss Trina
Did sold out the arena
I'm a dead ringer
Three fingers
dick fingah
All up in my gut
nigga what?


[Verse 3: Trina]
Hey nigga whats the word?
Watch my hips dont you like these curves?
I want a crib in the deep suburbs
Two dogs and a mockingbird
Versace spread on my waterbed
Now give me some head!!! (OOOH!!)
Give me some head!!! (OOOH!!!)
Miss Trina like to skits on red
and I'm the first to say it
I'm the baddest bitch OW!


[Missy Elliott]

I'm the baddest bitch OW!

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