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I Mother Earth No One Lyrics

Last updated: 07/17/2002 03:12:32 AM

Shades of gray
Hate influence
A constant truth
Put into effect
The question
On a dead friends face
The tragic
Stance he used to TAKE
PISSED away BY circumstance

A forced exit out of
The right to choose
Stays in her head
Systematic ignorance
A politicians
Hand in your pants
For what he don't have

Creating new obscenities
And broken down and in
An eye towards
A passing glance
And half a chance
At sanity
Shows you
Things... they get away

It's all we can do
To ride it on through
No one
Leaves the caravan

Feel the signs
The jazz... the BIND
For a certain time
A haze of mid-life
You're crucified for what
YOUR art says
If art is
God... true art has left
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