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Bright Eyes No One Would Riot For Less Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2009 11:00:00 AM

Death may come invisible or in a holy wall of fire
In the breath between the markers on some black I-80 mile
From the madness of the governments to the vengeance of the sea
Everything is eclipsed by the shape of destiny

So love me now
Hell is coming
Kiss my mouth
Hell is here

Little soldier, little insect, you know war it has no heart
It will kill you in the sunshine or happily in the dark
Where kindness is a card game or a bent-up cigarette
In the trenches, in the hard rain, with a bullet and a bet

He says, "help me out"
Hell is coming
Could you do it now?
Hell is here

See the sterile soil,
Poisoned sky
Yellow water,
Final scraps of life
Bringing new tears

Wake, Baby, wake but leave that blanket around you there is no where as safe
I'm leaving this place but there is nothing I'm planning to take
Just you
Just you

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no one would riot for less | Reviewer: gabrielle | 4/18/09

conor oberst is truly amazing. bright eyes has always been a favorite for me... even the sadder, more angsty ones like this one or something like 'lover I don't have to love'. if you're looking for something happier, look up 'first day of my life' or 'at the bottom of everything'.

Epic | Reviewer: mannie | 3/16/09

i whole heartedly agree with raach about people not wanting to accept the weight of the truth, they'd rather sedate themselves with mindless choruses and unimaginitive rhythymic repitition. Conor Oberst has a larger following than i expected but still a surprisingly large number of people ive encountered still are unaware of the greatness that is Bright Eyes spread the word.

great song | Reviewer: lacey | 10/23/08

I'm analyzing this song for my pop culture and the presidency class. I agree that too many dismiss Bright Eyes from being "emo crap" and don't really listen to it. The music is layered and has so many aspects to it. Connor Oberst is an extremely talented musician and poet.

<33 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/08

I really love these first I thought the shaking was weird..but when you read the lyrics..Wonder why it's so shaky. haha just kidding..but the lyrics just got me. I love it.

I love him<3

Amazing-mazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

this guy is so damn good!
Finally a singer songwriter that doesn't do soppy meaningless pap!
Truely a new Dylan!

in referance to what the guy said before me; the way his voice 'shakes' makes it sound so much more powerful - i'm not forgiving, i'm loving it!

Nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

I love the music, I love the tone and the feel. Deep and passionate. The guy's voice bothers me at times (the way he "shakes" it, if that makes sense), but I can overlook it. The last half of the song, when the music swells, is when the emotion really seems to hit, and it no longer feels like "just another sad song about war/death".

no one would riot for less | Reviewer: anoymous | 11/4/07

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is the new "bob dyan" he is the new king of folk this is who we "all" have been waiting for a thinker who is a great!!!!!!!!!!!it's about time.

i love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

i love his lyrics so much they just make me want to sing. of course it doesnt take much for that. but to truely just make you want to create something already out of it.
so beautiful.

Great Song | Reviewer: Jeff | 10/23/07

Its a very good song, and so powerful. It really packs a punch, and they way they set it up, with the little breaks and different styles all in one. Near the end where it really picks up, it sends shivers down my spine, but in a good way. over all. love it!

: | Reviewer: nathan | 10/21/07

this song is an amazing song.
conor oberst is an amazing writer and composer.
i dont think ive ever heard a song that gave me chills more than song does.
everytime i hear it im like wow.
its angry, sad, sweet and soft.
if there was more songs like this i think that the world would truly be a more understanding place and a more peaceful place.
i cant really explain it but on some level this song to me is my nirvana.