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Ryan O'shaughnessy No Name Lyrics

Last updated: 08/30/2012 09:47:30 PM

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Every now and then I see a part of you I've never seen
Birds can swim and fish can fly
The road is long
I wonder why

One of these days you'll realize
What you mean to me
Ohh-hh, every now and then I see a part of you I've never seen

Every now and then I try to tell you just how I feel
Heavens talk, the rain begins, the sky turns black
Nobody wins
Well, I try to talk but I can't
My soul has turned to steel
This happens every now and then when I try to tell you just how I feel

So if you ever love somebody
You gotta' keep them close
When you lose grip of their body
You'll be falling
'Cause I'm falling
Deeper in love
In love [4x]
In love

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Ryan O'shaughnessy-No Name-Lyrics-2

Format : Digital download
Writer(s) : Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Genre : Pop
Recorded : 2012 Peermusic Studios
Released : August 5, 2012
Length : 2:57
Label : Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records
Producer : Jonas Westling

"No Name" is a song by Ryan O'Shaughnessy, the song was written by Ryan O'Shaughnessy also, and the production was handled by Jonas Westling. "No Name" was released on August 5, 2012 as the lead single from his extended play Ryan O'Shaughnessy (2012). The song entered the Irish Singles Chart at number 3 and the UK Singles Chart at 31.

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